kitchen tools

Kitchen tools for healthy cooking

It’s essential to have the right tools to get the job done. They make cooking so much easier. This my †˜can’t live with out† + my †˜wish’ lists. I use to have a catering business in the early 90’s so my kitchen is still spoilt for choice. I’ll add more over time. Must Haves Cast Iron Fry Pan French Casserole Pot – le Creuset or Chasseur Stock Pots + stainless steel bowls Cake tins: long square sided bar + 12inch Kaiser spring form (non Teflon) Hand held electric cake beater Rice & Quinoa Cooker Veggie Juicer Sprouting stack Pavoni Espresso machine! Turbo Stick – to puree soups the cooking pot, to grind seeds, nuts and grains into flour BBQ Utensils – pastry scraper, zester, balloon whisk, grater with handle, stainless steel ladles - 60ml + 120ml, boiled egg pricker, simmer pad. Sharp knives Gadgets: orange hand held mandolin to slice + shred and a hand held Vegetable spiralizer Worm + chicken bench top compost bins – stainless with lids! Wish List Vitamix Turbo Juicer Cold pressed juicer such as Kuving's Silent Juicer The Kitchen Whiz (Kitchen Aid) Pizza Stone Dehydrator Butler’s (walk-in) Pantry! Thermomix - if I had a spare $2K!
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