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Inspirational quote | Lips taste better with natural lipstick

Lips taste better when they are toxin free.
oooh it the month of 'Lips, Love and Low Tox Beauty' at luk beautifood! Each month we are now introducing a theme that will have its own delicious look and feel. Aimee has been super creative designing a 12 month calendar and together we have brainstormed ideas on what we think you'd love to learn and be inspired by each month in our BLOG on natural beauty, clean food and living a nourished life.... our 3 redefined, easy-to-navigate categories. See the chalkboard to the left! :) For Fabruary we know you want to be healthier. Many of you decide to "detox" or go a Feb Fast to balance the excesses of the holiday season so we are going to help you....inside & out! This month you will find how to detox your beauty routine, what our fave natural and organic makeup brands are and we will get back in the beauty kitchen to whip up some superfood treats for Valentine's Day + get your lips ready with a fabulous lip scrub. And look out for this month's She's Delicious interview, our author-turned-yogi has life worked out. We hope you enjoy our new look and are inspired to detox your lips so they are just that little bit more kissable. Kisses from us, naturally! cindy luken signature
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