What to expect each season

In Season

Being in tune with the seasons is such a pleasurable experience. We all know that squirrels gather and hide their nuts for winter. Do you know why? Because they are a nutrient rich source to get them thru winter when nothing else is available. Makes sense. It also makes sense for us to eat what is available because nature prepared it. With industrialisation and urbanisation we have lost contact with what foods are in season, what we should be eating. Green houses, international shipping and supermarkets means we eat what’s available not what in season locally, what we should be eating to moisturise our skin, to provide energy, to comfort us when cold. I have compiled a little chart to help you see what your beautiful body needs and feels like. Beauty
  • With warm & new growth, energy returns
  • Desire to †˜cleanse’ and shed excess weight
  • Wear lighter, prettier clothes – to †˜fresh up’ – to emerge
  • Wear †˜new’ colours & styles of fashion
  • Fresh, green, †˜spring’ foods return
  • Desire to eat clean, lean & green
  • VEG. garlic, asparagus, peas, artichokes, sprouts
  • FRUIT: strawberries, cumquats, loquats, edible flowers
  • Get outdoors, start to active again
  • Day light savings - do things outside after work – in the garden, park
  • Harvest garden, plant summer foods & herbs
  • Festivals: eg good food month, halloween
  • Sun is hot and fierce – need sun protection
  • Skin starts to deepen in colour – change of shades
  • More humid – skin moisturizer and treatments change
  • More skin revealed, light strappy or flowing clothes – skin & body needs to be in tip top condition
  • Want to eat light, fresh & tasty. Easy to overload on fruit & meats
  • VEG: beans, salad, tomatoes, eggplant
  • FRUIT: basil, coriander, stone fruit, mango, lemon & limes, melons
  • De-hydrate, pickle, preserve foods that are abundant
  • DIY sprout
  • Days are long, lots of time outdoors – being active, doing things around the home, going out, eating outdoor, Outdoor movies,
  • BBQ’s, gatherings & parties
  • Christmas & holidays – celebration, family, Valentine’s day
  • Beach, swimming, sun sun sun
  • Exercise, feel fabulous
  • Feel your skin changing, not as oily, starting to get tight
  • Lips are drying out
  • Skin starts to fade – can see the sun spots
  • Welcome popping on a jumper, boots – don’t need to have a pedi!
  • Looking for more nourishing foods & different tastes and meals– pumpkins, soups
  • VEG: mushrooms, pumpkin,
  • FRUIT: olives, grapes, quinces, figs, pomegranates, pears and persimmons
  • Days are gorgeous with pockets of balminess, nights getting cooler, more rain.
  • Easter bunny comes in sth hemisphere
  • Last of kitchen garden foods, get beds ready.
  • Loose desire to exercise as days get shorter
  • Mother’s day (yeh!)
  • Lips & skins dries with heaters, less moisture in air, hot showers
  • Skin less tanned, change the colours you wear
  • Don’t want to go outside to exercise – darker, colder so change your routine.
  • Cover up your body – get away with †˜hiding’ your appearance
  • More colds and flues spread
  • Body want’s to †˜hibernate’ – slow down, eat comforting nourishing foods
  • Produce available more limited if you eat †˜local’ and †˜in-season’
  • Start to miss the choice of summer fruits – wished you had preserved some!
  • VEG: kale, silver beet, spinach, silver beet, avocado, root vegetables, celeriac, leeks, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, garlic & ginger, fennel, sweet potato
  • FRUIT: oranges, rhurbarb, mandarin Lemons (lots)
  • HERBS – can get most except basil
  • Less holidays – more lazing, eating indoors as entertainment
  • Garden slows down – less warmth for garden to grow
  • Open fires, more screen & book time
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