HUMMUS | face food to keep your skin glowing

<Recipe> Makes 2 cups | Wo-to-go: 24 hrs with dried chick peas. 10mins with canned chickpeas Hummus is essential in your beauty food fridge: as a 'dip it' snack when you have the munchies, to dollop on a salad to add protein, fibre and skin-essential trace minerals, to add some 'meat' to a sandwich or dress it up for an entertaining pre-dinner nibble. It's easy to make and unlike so many of the pre-made fridge versions, it contains NO preservative or numbers. BEAUTY BOOST: You know fibre is key in controlling cholesterol & blood sugar levels but did you know by keeping your blood vessels in peak condition (by eating lots of fibre found in chickpeas) you ensure your skin gets a good dose of nutrients to keep it in tip top shape? Best of all chickpeas contain trace minerals Manganese & Molybdenum that help fight skin sag! Molybdenum plays a critical role in detoxifying (removing) sulfites in your body, which can cause damage that reduces the smooth, tight, look of your skin. Sulfites (SO2) are prevalent in wine (!), dried fruit, pre made 'fresh' salads and those pre-chopped & peeled veggies appearing in your supermarket! Chickpeas are also high in folate - the vitamin essential for energy production - and your skin needs plenty of energy to keep up with the growth & repair of skin cells caused by exposure to sun, toxins and the everyday process of renewal. And if you are looking for a non meat source of protein - they contain 8-10%. Tahini contains copper which can help prevent age (sun) spots. Hummus is high in zinc - from both chickpeas and tahini - a powerful antioxidant that helps fights the signs of ageing. YOU'LL NEED..... 1 cup dried chickpeas (or use organic tinned - drain but retain juices) 1-2 cloves garlic (crushed if you don't have a super powerful blender) 1/4 cup olive oil 1/2 cup (3- 4 big tblspns) unhulledTahini Juice of a lemon (approx 1/4 cup) Salt & pepper 2-3 tblspn cooking water (left over from the chick peas) Toasted, ground spices eg - coriander, cumin seeds. TO MAKE.... Soak chickpeas overnight, rinse and pop on stove with plenty of water and cook til tender (1 to 2 hours). Put all ingredients Vitamix or kitchen whiz. Blend til soft and creamy. On the VM - this is speed 8 to 10 for a minute - you will need to use the tamper to get it going. Taste for seasoning (more salt or pepper or lemon juice) or consistency (more cooking or draining water) Store in glass jar with lid for 7 days in fridge. TIPS & TRICKS
  • After sitting the hummus can go quite thick. If this happens pop in a small bowl and add a more olive oil &/or some warm water.
  • If serving as a dip, mound into bowl, sprinkle with paprika (thru a tea strainer) and drizzle oil. Garnish with fresh herbs.
  • You can flavour with chopped herbs or citrus rind (eg orange or lemon)
KIDS It is so good for them so introduce hummus to them when they are young as a 'dip dip' with their 'munch and crunch' & to 'butter' bread.
Soaking overnight Soaking overnight
love the simplicity of a good hummus...freshly roasted & ground spices make such a difference love the simplicity of a good hummus...freshly roasted & ground spices make such a difference
Toss all ingredients into the bowl / jug Toss all ingredients into the bowl / jug
creamy hummus in the Vitamix creamy hummus in the Vitamix
1-DSC_2864 Dress it up!
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