Happy New Year!

mmmmmmmmm monday morning mantra It's here, the last day of 2012. The day you stop and reflect on what you have loved (& hated), succeed in (& failed) and given (& received). We hope our little monday morning mantra will inspire you to write your own book, and make sure you make it worth reading! My book title has and always will be 'Live the Life you Love'. It's up to YOU to chase down your dreams, and make them a reality! 2013 is a new year, let it be filled with innumerable opportunities and chances. Now we have launched our menu of 100% natural Lip Nourish Demi Colour, we have a little more time to show, inspire and motivate you on how beautiful food can feed your true beauty. We hope 2013 is a beautifood year for you. Cindy x
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