Hangover Cures.

Okay, so you had a wee bit too much indulgence at your Christmas lunch, and now you’re feeling all kinds of yuck - too much food, too many drinks and too much talking.
  1. Water. You need to rehydrate your body, and water is always the way to go. If you’re after something with a little bit of flavour, try adding a squeeze of citrus or try one of those coconut waters that have popped up everywhere. (yes cracking your own nut is a skill) Coconut water will help to rehydrate your body, with a pleasant mellow flavour it’s a healthy alternative to a those 'fake food' energy drinks that have ridiculous amounts harmful additives.
  2. Avoid excess caffeine. Caffeine will only continue to dehydrate your body – the total opposite of what you need right now. But a single latte or green tea will give you that instant 'ahh' moment to get you going - it is Xmas and we are BIG believers in every in moderation including moderation!
  3. Eat fresh & light. Help your body get back to feeling gently 'cleansed' . For a couple of days stop eating meat, dairy rich foods, and bowls full of sweet desserts. Instead eat lots of fresh vegetables, salad, fruit, muesli, grains, nuts - foods that are nutrient dense and help speed up the transition of food through your digestive system. We are not suggesting a 'detox' at this special time of year - just eating to stop that bloated, over indulged feel (& whooziness!)
  4. Stretch & Move. Go walking or do Yoga! The latter may be like the last thing you feel like doing, but yoga has numerous health benefits, especially in relation to hangover cures. It’s one of the quickest ways to rid the toxins from your body, because the movements will literally †˜wring’ the alcohol out of your body. (Sourced from Danny Williams, Tree Hugger) Pretty neat, yeah?
  5. Juice or Shots. If you are at home - get juicing or if you are hitting the sales try a shot of wheatgrass or some other dark green leafy veg.....the concentrated levels of phytonutrients will help to detox your body, while also giving you more energy.
  6. Get some much needed rest. Rejuvenate yourself by maintaining the Aussie tradition of lazing in front of the TV to watch the Sydney to Hobart & one day cricket test! With extended family still around to look after the kids - catch some shut-eye, and your body will love you for it.
Hope you had a fabulous, beautifood Christmas!
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