FRITTATA | Leek, Zucchini & Herb

Serves 3-4 | 20 mins wo-to-go This is a quick, simple dish that everyones loves - it is now on my 'don't- have-to-think-repertoire' for midweek dinners or lazy lunches with friends and families. I first made it from Bill Granger's Bill's Food in 2006 when I was pregnant with my first - he calls it an open-faced feta & leek omelette. Frittata is simply the Italian name that we are more familiar with. I have changed the recipe round a bit to make it 'fool proof' and flexible depending on what you have in your fridge. BEAUTY BOOST: What can I say - it's fabulous. Naturally low in fat and where a little is added its olive oil, high in protein from eggs, lots of anti-oxidant rich vegetables and herbs. YUM. - Vegetables contain high levels of anti-oxidants including vitamin E & C, beta-carotene, flavonoids and many more. Anti-oxidants are compounds that seek out to neutralize free radicals - those horrible unstable molecules in your skin that can cause damage to your skin's structure and the cell's ability to produce elastin & collagen, all which result in less firm, healthy skin. - Eggs. Think †˜natural face lift’ for these little bundles of nutrient dense, skin loving nutrients and enjoy tight, toned and sag-free skin! Rich in protein containing all the essential amino acids, Vitamins A, B complex (inc choline) E & D, lecithin, selenium and carotenoid antioxidants especially lutien. Essential amino acids for example help build and repair muscle and skin tissue keeping it firm and smooth. Click for more beautifood egg info YOU’LL NEED….. 2 leeks, remove green part, wash, slice in half length wise then slice across 2-4 mm dash of olive oil 2-3 zucchini, finely sliced - use one of those orange coloured plastic slicers! 1/2 cup chopped herbs (eg mint, parsley, dill) salt & pepper 6 eggs, lightly beaten with 2 tblspn water 125g feta, drained it is in oil. TO MAKE…. 1. Add olive and leeks to fry pan (22cm / 9 inch heavy bottom). Cook on low-med heat for 5-8mins til soft, don't brown. 2. Add zucchini and cook further 5 minutes til they look translucent. 3. Stir in herbs and salt and pepper. 4. Turn on oven grill. 5. Pour egg mixture into frypan. Mix thru. Ensure heat is low, if using gas stove pop on a simmer pad. 6. Crumble feta on top and cook 5-minutes until egg sets on bottom half and around edges. 7. Finish under grill for another 5 minutes or until golden and bubbling. Serve with green salad (eg rocket & shaved fennel + lemon dressing) or quick pan roasted cherry tomatoes. TIPS & TRICKS - Can be made much earlier in the day and left to rest at room temperature. - I double or triple the eggs and water & add a bit more of everything else (eg 3 leeks & zucchini) to make a large one that serves 8-10 from a large 28cm cast iron pan (see pic). Even if you have a family of 4-5 it's ideal as you keep the leftovers for lunch boxes or after school snacks. Just refrigerate. - Substitute any ingredients you want or have on hand. eg onions for leeks. reduce herbs and add small leaf rocket. mushrooms for zucchini. - Herbs: parsley & mint are almost mandatory but chives or dill or oregano or even thyme are great too. Just use what is on hand - & lots. - Better to be gentle with the heat on the stove and take more time than over cook as egg dishes can become hard and sponge like. - orange colour plastic slicer thingys! / mandolin. Next time you see one, buy it. You will never regret it. I use it constantly - it is so quick and easy for slicing, simple to clean and makes you look very professional. KIDS Mine love it - 4 & 5 years old. Always try new things when they are ravenous...that's how I got them in without resistance.! You can also pop in some cooked potato or their favourite veg to make it more filling or familiar.
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