Fab Five | HOP into Easter!

With Easter a day away, I thought I would share with some Easter indulgences. Not all Easter treats are laden with guilt - try feeding your body outside in with DIY trEATments, eat foods that are made with whole ingredients or if you are eating chocolate, just have a bite or 3!

Here are my FAB FIVE web finds for Easter: 1. DIY Chocolate Spa - Natural Recipes for Face & Body by Pure Home & Body Pure Home & Body have many chocolate recipes that can be both eaten and used on your skin. Their motto is "If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin". They too believe in fresh and pure recipes that nourish you both on the inside and outside. Pure Home and Body use raw cocoa powder for their recipes and recommend that other's use ethically produced chocolate that is Fair Trade Certified in order to improve the working conditions for the cocoa bean harvesters. Why not try a luxurious chocolate face mask this Easter that is "packed with all those flavanoids and antioxidants that keep our body and mind healthy" as well as being kind on the waistline!

Chocolate Facial - Pure Home and Body

2. Paleo Easter Desserts by Elana's Pantry


Since discovering that both herself and her son were gluten intolerant, Elana has created recipes that are gluten free and healthy. Her Paleo (a diet based on the whole foods our ancensetors and cavemen lived on in the Pathelithic era) Easter Desserts are all gluten and dairy free, whilst also using ingredients like honey and fruit to sweeten her desserts rather than through the use of refined sugar. Try some of her Peppermint Patties, Coconut Macaroons and Chocolate Chip Scones for your family's Easter treats.

"For those of you looking for something sweet and celebratory, here is a list of healthier dessert recipes. I like to use healthy, Paleo ingredients to make modern, comfort foods and desserts. While many a caveman will shun this, there are plenty of others that embrace a healthier treat. Enjoy!" (Elana)

3. Easter Egg DIY Beauty by The Beauty Bean

Egg Masks - The Beauty Bean

This DIY egg face mask is a perfect Easter indulgence that won't cost your wallet or waistline anything! The Beauty Bean have created numerous egg facials including an Egg White Mask, which helps rejuvenate the skin, so while the kids are doing the Easter hunt for their eggs this Sunday, why don't you try your own Easter egg treat of this great egg facial! (LOL - no way, I just thought it was cute!) Cx

"Eggs can actually transform your beauty regimen, easily, inexpensively and organically. Egg whites, because of their firming effect, are great for oily or acne prone skin as well as for aging complexions since they can both shrink pores and tighten fine lines and wrinkles. Egg yolks, on the other hand, are ideal for dry, aging and even scarred skin because of their fat and cholesterol, which hydrate, and their retinol, which helps exfoliate and rejuvenate." (The Beauty Bean)

4. DIY Healthy Chocolate Treats by Move Nourish Believe (Lorna Jane)

Healthy Chocolate Treats

Lorna Jane's health website Move Nourish Believe has the perfect Easter treat that is small and made from all natural ingredients. These decadent bite-size chocolates are made from raw cacao powder and honey whilst the fillings contain coconut, dates and goji berries. These treats are easy to make and will have your family coming back for more!

Move Nourish Believe describe how the impending weekend of chocolate and hot cross buns are fine when eaten in moderation but "much prefer (you) to nourish (y)our beautiful body with the good stuff and keeping things au naturale." (MNB)

5. Hot Cross Buns by Teresa Cutter

Hot Cross Buns - Teresa Cutter

I don't have any problem indulging in Teresa's fabulous Hot X Buns. Our favourtie 'Healthy Chef' has created a wholesome and yummy version of the traditional Easter indulgence with a base of wholemeal spelt flour and rolled oats, the buns are healthy & nourishing for both the little and big kids. The Hot Cross Buns also have no added sugar and are sweetened with the use of honey and dried fruit. These healthy alternative are a must-try for this coming weekend! Teresa describes her Hot Cross Buns as "not the light fluff style of hot cross bun you may be used to in the supermarkets made from white flour and refined sugar. My version is full of fibre and the oats give it a wonderful chewy density that marries perfectly with the cinnamon and vanilla." I am taking the kids to a self contained farm stay on the weekend and we will be making Hot X Buns early in the morning to eat steaming hot after our Easter Egg hunt. They will be a fabulous distraction from over-indulging in chocolate. Happy Easter Cindy x
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