eating for beauty

Eating for Beauty

How to:

It’s easy to start eating for beauty, it not a separate diet, it's for you and for your family, it's a way of life. 1. Make over your pantry. See what ingredients we recommend over here. Get familiar with the foods and ingredients you should be avoiding: use my SWAP philosophy + think CLEAN. Don’t forget to download the Chemical Maze APP to avoid the nasty additives (#’s). See the worst culprits list. Establish your providors, where you go shopping – the supermarket, F&V shop, organic markets, butcher. Clean out your pantry, label the jars, just do it section by section, in your own time and budget. Squeal with excitement when finished. Clean out and re-organise your fridge. 2. Build your recipe repertoire. Remove the stress of †˜what am I going to cook’. Create a list or file of go-to recipes you and your family love that you know feed your body. Put a little whiteboard on the fridge with the days of the week and who will be home when so you can fill what you will cook most nights. I do it AFTER I have been shopping as that way I can take advantage of what is in season and what is on special. I also do it on a Sunday or Monday evening so the week is on order. Get inspiration from my recipe section. 3. Create a fail proof net. Remove the tempters.
  1. Set up your juicing corner – a pile of fresh veggies, fruits and jars filled with beauty-boosting oils and proteins (bowl of home laid eggs in my case), your machine of choice.
  2. To prevent you running out of beauty food and compromising what you eat, have †˜preserved but clean’ ingredients on hand to use – jars of organic passata or baby beet, cans of tuna (in 100% olive oil or water - caught sustainably), cherry tomatoes or chickpeas, pasture fed meat already portioned in the freezer, frozen organic berries in case the fruit basket has run low).
  3. Set aside 1-2 hrs to bake and prep each week, a regular time to shop so there is always food on hand. Make or buy a †˜side’ or condiment every week or so – a hummus, or pesto, or fresh egg mayo, or roast capsicum relish, or tomato jam or lemon curd to spice up your meal.
  4. Have lots of food choices on hand at any one time to remove boredom, encourage inspiration. (eg different quinoa, varieties of rice - jasmine, red, brown, flours to bake with - buckwheat, oat, spelt, lots of different nuts in various forms - slithered, whole, chopped, flaked)
4. Continue to try new foods, cook new dishes and experiment. Slowly add new ideas to your repertoire. Take a hero ingredient and think what can I do with it? On your weekly planning board just pop the hero ingredient on it and then embark on what to cook at that time by looking thru your fridge and pantry to get ideas on what to do. Get your family to embrace new foods and meals – don’t compromise. Put up with your kids negativity, by the time you serve it the third time....they are won over. (with a few exceptions) 5. Get familiar with what's in food. See what beauty nutrients are in fruits & vegetables, what they do for our skin, hair and nails and get tips and tricks on how to prepare them. Click her for the Beauty Food Glossary.
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