EASY PEASY MUESLI | your daily cleanse, inside out!

Serves (min 20) | 10mins wo-to-go

Instead of forking out a bucket load of time and money to buy all the ingredients from scratch, simply buy an off the shelf muesli and top it up with those ingredients you find hard to eat everyday.

BEAUTY BOOST: Kickstart your day feeling light, nourished & with heaps of energy to get you thru to lunch time! This muesli really gets you going because lots of the ingredients contain soluble and insoluble fibre (eg sunflowers | pectin) which help to keep the intestines well cleared and so can contribute to clear skin and less energy absorption. Not only that, but I find it's a fab way of getting your daily dose of seeds and nut which contain skin vital essential fatty acids (esp. harder-to-get omega 3) and key mineral antioxidants (zinc, magnesium, calcium & selenium) and vitamin E. When topped with a natural yoghurt & fruit (eg frozen blueberries) you have given your body a huge 'can-do' boost. YOU'LL NEED.... 1 Box of 'Table of Plenty' muesli eg Velvet Vanilla (note: it's half toasted for flavour | half untoasted for goodness) or Carmen's 1 bag pumpkin seeds (eg 500g) 1 bag sunflower seeds (eg 500g) 2 bags of whole or chopped nuts (eg almonds and walnuts). (eg 1kg bags) 1 bag chia seeds ((eg 250g) 1 bag organic sultanas (ie no sulfate preservative eg. 500g ) or cranberries 1 bag ground linseed | flax seeds TO MAKE..... Into a big bowl add muesli and whatever quantity of the other ingredients looks good or empties the bag if they are smaller or already in use! Mix, pop into your favourite large re-sealable, preferably glass jar. Lasts til eaten! TIPS - you can add / substitute other goodies: eg sesame seeds, dried apricots (organic | ie no sulphur), brazil nuts - buy these bigger, zip lock bags of seeds and nuts etc from your supermarket and use a quantity as desired - then you won't have to measure to make this recipe and will always have lots on hand to make other body-delicious snacks or meals. - Woolworth's has a good selection under their brand Wholefoods brand. Organic is always best but I think it is great to just start eating better... - both Woolies and Coles now sell kilo bags of nuts in their F&V section that are far more cost effect than those found in the cooking isle. - really easy to mix and match your favourite ingredients and change it from batch to batch, season to season. KIDS - make sure you chop up the nuts or use a nut meal so they don't complain about chewing. - Intro muesli by sprinkling over weetbix + top with a crunchy but not too sweet flake such as cornflakes + plain yoghurt so they get the best of both worlds! (a taste / crunch they love + slow realise energy) - If they complain about no added sugar yoghurt - drizzle a little bit of honey so YOU control how much sugar is added.
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