Pumpkin, feta & rocket salad

We are all time poor these days, especially us Mum's, and after a busy day it's always a hard task to come up with an idea for dinner that will not only be healthy and easy to make, but that will also be loved by the family. Twice weekly (Monday + Wednesday) I will be posting quick and easy meal ideas for your weekday dinner that are nutritious & delicious, as well as budget friendly and take 20 minutes or less to whip up. I will also twitter for Dinner Tonight ideas so keep an eye out on @cindy_luken so you can quickly access our meal idea. Here is the link for our other 'shortorder' meal ideas which can inspire you during the week for a quick and healthy meal. I know it's thursday today but things take time to get in order so on the Eve of Easter why not!

Try this beautifood salad for dinner tonight!

Line baking tray with baking paper, smother chopped pumpkin in paprika and cumin, drizzle over some olive oil and then roast in the oven for 15-20 minutes until tender. Toss together rocket leaves with some crumbled feta and a handful of pinenuts. Mix in the roast pumpkin and sprinkle the salad with a dressing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Serve with a piece of grilled fish or chicken. Enjoy! Cx
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