Creating ways to sample Lip Nourish IRL (in real life)!

At the beginning of October I launched luk beautifood quietly online to ensure I create an experience that is loved by you my customer. One of the hardest things when buying lipstick or food is knowing what a product will look or taste like. Does it suit you? Do you like the flavour, the feel, the finish or the look? This is especially true if you are purchasing online. I have created a beautiful mini 'Tasting Plate" of 6 different colours for individual sampling of Lip Nourish, that way you will be able to try before you buy. But more on that later as it will be available early next year when all things festive (think gift giving) are over! Since launching online however, numerous homeware and lifestyle shops have contacted me to see if they can stock our menu of beautifully wrapped lippies - at this stage just Greg & Audrey's Garage (my 'besties' Scooter lifestyle boutique in Newcastle) will stock them as together we are experimenting at how the collection should be displayed and sampled. On purpose I have not boxed Lip Nourish because I want it to be special in it's own unique way - this by tradition means it does not lend itself to a retailer like David Jones. My vision is to create an evocative, delicious LOOK - something that entices you to say - ooh la la that's my everyday treat that makes me feel special. I can see the collection displayed in glass "trEAT" jars with a swing tag denoting the variety and with a menu board sitting alongside. The problem is - how do we sample the product differently? I have been at my kitchen bench experimenting, these pics show some of the ideas that evolved. There's a "Tasting Plate" & "Tasting Sticks". This way you can see the super sheer, gentle colour (on the back of your hand) and apply it to your lips to taste the variety (eg Lemon & Mint) and feel its creme softness. Love to know your thoughts on this idea. FOOD + BEAUTY = DELICIOUS is what my brand is all about. Enjoy. Cindy :)
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