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<RECIPE> Serves 4-6 | 20 mins WO-TO-GO (5 min prep, 15 min bake) I am always looking for savoury crackers to have on hand, to accompany †˜goodies’ for a quick weekday lunch, pop in the kids lunchbox, serve with a hummus or fresh veggie puree when friends pop by or hubby & I have a moment together before dinner! (we wish!) I either buy them, (I have a little check list of what I don't want - refined flour, unfriendly oils (margarine, palm oil etc), colours, flavours, preservative, emulsifiers, too much salt), bake them from scratch or cheat like this non-recipe. So, add this simple recipe to you repertoire as it ticks all the boxes: taste, nutrition, style, simplicity. If you keep on hand packets of Mountain Bread (3 mths shelf life – no preservatives) you can whip up your crackers in no time and get major 'WOW' points. YOU’LL NEED... I packet organic thin wholemeal Mountain Bread* Fennel seeds Salt – Maldon, Murray River or Himalayan Olive oil TO DO 1. Turn oven to 200C. Line baking trays with 'glad bake' 3. Pop mountain bread on trays - don't overlap. 3. In a mortar add salt and fennel seeds – grind til fine. (or a use a coffee grinder or micro whiz) 4. Brush top of each sheet with olive oil, sprinkle over salt & fennel seed mix. 5. Bake 10-15 mins til golden brown & crisp. TIPS & TRICKS *Mountain bread – there are lots of versions. I like the organic one that is really, really thin. See here for types. Note – I have not been approached or have any relationship with this company. Topping variations - - fresh rosemary & salt - cumin – grind seeds with salt and sprinkle over - garlic (crush) and add to oil with some salt then brush on - other spices paprika, coriander seed etc - sweet version to go with poached fruit or custard – cinnamon & castor sugar Salt – though Himalayan has a higher mineral content, I love the gentleness of Maldon salt. KIDS Love they do with most 'crisp' foods.
Mountain bread ready for brushing with oil Mountain bread ready for brushing with oil
Onto the tray they go and bake for 10-15m at 200C Onto the tray, bake for 10-15m at 200C
Look fabulous on a platter with some fresh herbs + dip Looks fabulous with some fresh herbs for garnish + dip
You can use a range of herbs and spices on your crackers or even serve up on a delicious fresh antipasto plate for entertaining Delicious on a fresh antipasto plate for entertaining
Keep your mountain bread crackers in jar to nibble on throughout the day or in a zip lock back send with the kids or take around with you Keep fresh in a jar. Pack off into a little box or a zip lock back for school or your hand bag.
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