Cleanse sneak peek...

January has nearly come and gone, and what a month it’s been. Your kids have been on holiday, crazy HOT weather has frizzled the country (& our brains), now rain is ruining everything in its path and somewhere in the middle you've juggled work & play. For me January is not about new year resolutions and trying to change old habits, telling yourself I won't eat this and will do more of that or make BIG (unachievable) plans for the year and feeling a failure for not getting there. It is about enjoying and making the most of being with your family, soaking up the festivities & activities, thinking, doodling and chilling and if you work (not at home) being in a more relaxed atmosphere because the email & call flow has eased. With this in mind, and the kids back at school this week, I thought I'd give you just a little bit of an idea of what's cooking (or juicing!) next month. February will focus on YOU. It's about getting healthy and looking and feeling good about yourself in 28 days. We are going to gently:



What will we do? Starting February 1, you will look at where you are today, where you want to be, and how you can "cleanse & nourish" your body & soul to 'flourish'. Each day I will write a short post on a simple step you need to do or think about, or provide a recipe, or decipher fact from fiction or give you some tips & tricks + share my learnings. And yes will be eating fresh, wholesome, beautiful food and cutting out alcohol for the month - so sign up for FebFast at the same time and start MOVING again! Every year I can't wait for February ! Who is it for? This is mainly for mums’ as you now have the time to focus on your own self and wellbeing - and it's also for those of you who have not yet commenced your New Year’s Resolutions or feel a little (or lot) sluggish and need a helping hand! If you want to join me for Feb and get a non-taxing (& detoxing!) daily dose of motivation - enter your email below or check this site or facebook in the morning to get your 'feed'. Starts this Friday, 1st Feb 2013. Cindy x
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