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15 Easy Ways for Healthy Living

Amidst a polluted planet and increasing diseases, we celebrate World health Day 2022. The World Health Organisation (WHI) focuses on increasing awareness on global level, on the immediate actions that needs to be implemented to keep not only humans but also the planet healthy. Read more by visiting this link.  

Lük Beautifood joins this initiative to encourage people to switch to products and brands that are healthy, eco-friendly and focus on sustainability.


Here are Lük's 15 easy ways for healthy living to ensure you remain healthy and happy from the inside out and maintain your highest state of conscious living.

  1. Choose eco-friendly chemical free household cleaning products or DIY simple products like baking soda and vinegar. There are so many products on the market now.
  2. Use pure essential oils, not perfumes, to fragrance your home.
  3. Make sure products aren’t tested on animals (more so for peace of mind than anything!).
  4. Grow your own herb and vegetable garden – a vertical wall if space is tight.
  5. Ditch plastic wraps and pre-packed products for a rubbish-free lunch boxes and multi-use wraps.
  6. Buy your food from farmer’s markets or a co-op to support local food growers.
  7. Eat fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables and ensure they’re nice and colourful to optimise your nutrient intake.
  8. Reuse, repurpose and recycle properly – chickens are a great way to get rid of food scraps, OR set up a worm farm – the compost you make will be great for helping your garden grow!
  9. Remedy colds and flu the all-natural way – sip on ginger, honey and lemon tea and indulge in steamy showers, lots of water and plenty of sleep.
  10. Take advantage of the great outdoors to feel rejuvenated. Get back to nature. Even if it’s cold outside, throw on some gum boots and feel the crisp air against your skin!
  11. Eat the rainbow! Whip up healthy wholesome soups jam-packed with as many lentils, greens, grains and vegetables as possible.
  12. Dissolve stress and increase happiness in minutes by going for a bike ride or walk.
  13. Make a concerted effort to slow down, relax and self-nurture.  Long soaking baths, deep breathing, meditating, and other forms of 'quiet time' will help.
  14. Boost your energy levels and elevate your mood, while detoxifying your body with regular green juices.
  15. Maintain the balance of your skin flora by only using beauty products that are free from toxic chemicals and hormone disruptors.   What goes on, goes in – don’t forget!
What are your tips for living a life bursting with vitality natural beauties?
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