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What's in your Beauty Bag - Brigid Sandell Create Love Heal

Brigid Sandell is the founder of Create Love Heal, an online portal for natural health, beauty and soulful living including her empowering online workshop; †˜Learning To Be Me’. Brigid is passionate about helping women to embrace exactly who they are, without validation, judgement or justification; assisting in their choices in life with health, beauty, relationships, motherhood and self-awareness. Encouraging women to adorn the world with their gentle fierce self is exactly what we all need.  She shares her journey in spiritual and personal awakening while relishing in all thing non-toxic, pretty and good for the soul. You can find Brigid at: W: IG: FB: createloveheal YT: createloveheal We asked Brigid to share with us what's in her beauty bag.
  • Lily Lolo mascara ALWAYS! This mascara is everything! It is one of the cleanest formulations and best performing mascaras on the market, for both natural and mainstream beauty. This boost, lengthens and adds volume to the lashes and I am ALLLLL about the lashes!
  • Lily Lolo Pressed Bronzer – I love a good glow, so for me there are only a few bronzers which fit the natural bill for me and Lily Lolo is a favourite of mine. It is subtle, yet buildable with a matte finish yet doesn’t cake on the skin. It’s pigmentation ensures it last months and never fails to last the entire day!
  • Ere Perez Versatile Vanilla Highlighter – this is favourite of mine! I have this stock piled in my cupboard because as I said, it’s all about the glow. This highlighter is subtle and offers a truly natural irridenscent glow without looking like you’ve actually applied highlighter. I use this for the no make up days, going to gym and want to appear alive first thing in the morning as well as for those full make up days. It is incredibly versatile, natural and of course beautifully Australian!
  • Ecobrow Defining Wax – everyone needs brows and unfortunately mine are fair and sparse thank to hormones, children and the regrettable 90’s thin eyebrows. So for me, I need to draw mine on. This is a very natural filler for the brows with a wide range of shades and works well to not budge all day. Plus it lasts a lifetime!
  • Luk Beautifood in Chai Shimmer or Tangerine Pomegranate – I actually couldn’t live without my luk lip balms. These are ever moisturising, subtle yet beautifully tinted with 100% natural ingredients and the creamiest long lasting lip balm available. It is pocket size which is incredibly handy as a mother who’s bag is now dedicated to nappies and snacks so this is the whole package for me. I always have these two shades on hand for a natural or slightly fancier (aka deter from my tired eyes) look.
  • Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer – I am a concealer junkie and have tried the ALL. The Hynt Beauty concealer is the most pigmented and highest performer for me. The smallest amount is required and often this is all I use to cover any redness or darkness on my face, no foundation required. It is truly beautiful, lightweight and full coverage.
  • Be Genki Serene Face Mist – this mist is such a refreshing and calming mist. I adore this for its hydration, toning and freshening effects. I use this prior to applying any skincare morning and night as well as throughout the day to freshen a tired face or if my make up needs a spritz! Such a beautiful and therapeutic remedy for the face and mind.
  • Earthwise Beauty Tangerine Skies – another essential is this beautiful facial oil. Earthwise Beauty truly craft the most spectacular skincare and this works so well as an intense hydrator and a primer for make up. By far one of the best products I’ve used and definitely miss it when it is absent from my routine.

Thanks for letting us peak into your beauty bag Brigid - there's some great natural products there!


*NB: lük beautifood supports our natural beauty community to genuinely share 'what's in their beauty bag' - we don't endorse products or contents or gain financially or otherwise from this series.

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