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She's Delicious: Q&A with Natasha Mason of Nourish Melbourne

Born and bred in Melbourne, Natasha Mason is the Founder and Director of Nourish Melbourne – a carefully curated guide that informs, inspires and educates Melbourne residents on where to find all things nourishing for their bodies. This glowing, natural beauty just so happens to also be a health science graduate and marketing and communications professional who has now come to combine her two loves through Nourish Melbourne to build wellness knowledge, evoke health inspiration and ultimately, create a healthier Melbourne! Today we chat to Natasha about all things health, natural beauty and how she juggles life as a mama and business owner. 1) Tell us a bit about yourself. Describe a day in the life of you! Right now, I’m a new mum, to three-month-old Harper. This means my days are quite varied! I’m working on Nourish Melbourne on a roughly †˜part-time’ basis, meaning I work when I can – when Harper sleeps and in the evenings. Many a email are sent from my phone these days. Some days are just about Harper and I, others I can get quite a lot of work done while she sleeps. All of the above aside, each day includes at least one big walk, 15 minutes of meditation (right now I’m getting back on track with the 1 Giant Mind App), cooking food, eating food, reading (I’ve mastered the art of reading while breastfeeding!), a phone call to Mum, texting my girlfriends, working on Nourish Melbourne, scrolling through social media to find the latest and greatest nourishing work being done out there, and on a really good day – a nap! 2) What inspired you to start Nourish Melbourne? I was in a professional role that didn’t serve me at all. I wasn’t passionate about it, I always seemed to want †˜more money’ and when I finally believed in myself 100%, I stepped away to start my own business. Striving for a life that included working from home, being able to care for my future children from home while I work (both of those have now happened), and being able to live each day on my terms is ultimately what inspired me. And of course, my true love for spreading the word on how to live a nourished life. 3) Describe a day on your plate. Breakfast is organic rolled oats cooked in almond milk, coconut oil and cinnamon, topped with some chopped pecans, goji berries and sunflower seeds. Lunch is usually leftovers or eggs any way (I could have breakfast meals all day, every day!). Today’s lunch leftovers were a piece of baked salmon broken up into a fresh salad of lettuce, avocado, red capsicum and salad sprinkles (a mix of sesame seeds, pepitas and pistachios). Dinner tonight was a one pot bake of free-range chicken thighs in Greek flavours (lemon zest, oregano and garlic) with brown rice and a simple green leaf salad on the side. In between meals I’ll have a coffee in the morning, a piece or two of dark chocolate, my own home made bliss balls, kombucha, bone broth or a small handful of nuts. 4) Why do you think toxin-free beauty is the way to go? For the simple fact that what we put on our skin is directly absorbed into our blood stream. So while I also promote eating as organic as possible, food has the chance to go through the digestive system before reaching the bloodstream. Skincare does not. Over time, you can imagine how a build up of toxins can impact the body and for females we’ve seen how this is contributing to the likes of irregular menstrual cycles, reproductive organ disorders and infertility. 5) Who do you look to for inspiration? My closest girlfriends, my favourite Instagram profiles and my network of amazing people doing incredible things with their own businesses. 6) What do you think makes a woman a natural beauty? A natural beauty is a woman who believes in herself, and what she stands for. She paves her own path, she doesn’t seek gratification from external sources, and she believes in her dreams. She forgives, loves greatly, has no fear, and is grateful for all that she has in her life, and knows that what she attracts into her life is of her own making. 7) What is your life mantra? I live by the well-known quote by Oscar Wilde. †œBe yourself, everyone else is already taken.† 8) What is one beauty product you never leave the house without? Lip balm. Which is now my Luk Beautifood Nude Cinnamon Lip Nourish! 9) What are your tips for healthy, radiant skin? Sip on plenty of filtered water throughout the day and eat a wholefood diet with a focus on your good fats like avocado, nuts and fish, and when the warmer weather arrives, I love mango! Getting outside in the fresh air no matter what the weather is also important, smiling from the inside out, getting good quality sleep and cleansing your face before bed is a must. I admit I often let this last tip slide, so instead of trying to do it when I’m zombie like and ready for bed, I’ll do it as soon as I’m back home from the day and not heading out again. And when all of the above is taken care of, I can’t go past a light covering of my favourite bronzer, and under eye brightener! 10) Which products from our store do you think are the perfect tools for creating a stunning, glowing makeup canvas and why? I like to keep my make-up clean and simple, by just accentuating what I already have. So I love natural eye shadow colours, like those in the 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented †˜Pretty Naked’ Palette. Lip Nourishes are a must – Vanilla & Cinnamon to keep lips balmy and then a shade like Pink Juniper makes lips pop with its natural pink tones. A mascara like 100% Pure Black Tea Mascara opens up the eyes (the windows to the soul!) and if you want more coverage with one of the 100% Pure foundations, using primer is a BIG must! I always notice a difference when using primer, in overall result following foundation application, and for staying power. And that primer would have to be the 100% Pure Luminous Face Primer. To join the †˜Nourish Melbourne Membership’ (a VIP health and wellness membership like no other for health conscious and health interested Melburnians alike) click here! If you have a question for the gorgeous Natasha, feel free to comment below!
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