beauty manifesto

Beautiful Woman Manifesto

I believe in natural beauty. In a woman who †˜writes her own story’. She knows and understands what makes her smile every day, what she loves and is good at. She is the interesting and interested one who oozes energy and passion to do things effortlessly. She is the beautiful one.
My manifesto on beauty is simple, it’s gathered from years in business, being a mum and taking time to taste what ingredients make the best recipe!
1. Be You. Why try to be someone who you cannot be? Have the inner strength to ignore what’s happening around you. Take inspiration from others, but cultivate your own beauty. No one can be free unless they are an individual. 2. Nourish and Flourish. Eat well, live well, and be amazed at how wonderful you feel and how easy it is to get things done. Think about what you put on and in your body, the environment you live in and the products you use in your home, and garden. Remember the less processed it is the more natural and less toxic it is. 3. Believe and Succeed. Have faith in yourself. Be ambitious, there is nothing wrong if you trip up. Do what you are good at and everything is easier. Pursue your dream…set deadlines, start! 4. Make up. Not Cover Up. A touch of colour work wonders highlighting your features, it can boost your confidence and instantly †˜pick-you-up’, but don’t hide behind the †˜war paint’ or spend too long in the bathroom – there are better things to do! There is nothing more attractive than a woman glowing with confidence, health and vitality. 5. Starve stress: Work Smarter, Not Harder. Challenge the status quo of how we are conditioned to work. Style your life to live, work and play where ever you want, when you want. Don’t try to do everything and please everyone. 6. Be Close to Nature. Close the green gap. Get back in touch with nature and be inspired by its beauty and goodness. Its food for the soul……escape, replenish and regenerate. Stay in balance. 7. Surprise and Delight.Use you imagination in rich creative ways. Live the moment. Enjoy. Be different. Give joy. What’s yours? Cindy :) 2-luk beauty manifesto
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