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Limes are a delicious skin food. High in vitamin C and limonoids, limes beauty boosting antioxidants protect skin and maintain a smooth, glowing complexion. This bright green citrus fruit native to SE Asia is full of goodness and low in sugar, flourishing in the warmer months of the year….unlike winter lemons.
Potassium, calcium, folate, vitamin A, vitamin C, limonoids and dietary fibre.
High in vitamin C and limonoids, limes provide a great boost of antioxidant activity. They protect your skin from free radicals which can damage collagen and elastin and help to maintain a smooth, charming complexion. Vit C is also a co-factor to collagen production, that fabulous protein that keeps you skin smooth and wrinkle free. Limonoids are able to stay in your body longer than many other antioxidants, giving you the best protection from free radicals. Potassium assists your kidneys to flush toxins from the body while fibre aids the absorption of essential nutrients keeping your body clean and nourished.
Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron into the body so why not try adding it to meat dishes to make full use of the iron you are consuming.
Recipes often require limes to be juiced. By leaving them out of the fridge or warming in hot water, more juice is able to be collected… Helping to squeeze out those last extra benefits! Try a Luk Lime & Ginger Lip Nourish Natural Lipstick to protect lips with a boost of antioxidants!

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PRINT this gorgeous 10x15cm beautifood infobite photocard to keep beauty inspiration at finger tips reach in your kitchen Step 1. Simply click on the infobite image left. Step 2. Then right click and choose †˜Save image as’ where it will be a JPEG in whichever folder you choose. Step 3. Open the saved image and print on a postcard size (6†x4†/10cmx15cm) photopaper. Step 4. Be at printer for your gorgeous beautifood infobite card! Step 5. File in a handy place in your kitchen.
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