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beauty benefits of snow peas

Snow peas contain an edible pod that contains immature peas. This legume is similar to a snap pea but with a thinner pod wall.
Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, riboflavin, thiamin, calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, folic acid and fibre.
Beauty benefits of snow peas begin through their naturally high flavonoid content. These work in the body as antioxidants protecting both your insides and outsides! They help to fight off and reduce exposure of free radicals which in turn can reduce the appearance of premature ageing. Beauty benefits of snow peas also include their high Vitamin K content which helps reduce dark circles under the eyes while folate aids the renewal of hair cells, keeping your locks strong and shiny! Beauty benefits of snow peas will revitalise your appearance and support a glowing complexion.
Snow peas are a fantastic addition to stir frys,add them towards the end of cooking to maintain a delicious crunch, adding texture to your dish. They also a great addition to any salad.
When buying snow peas look for bright and shiny, crisp pods, making sure they are blemish free. Wash them before adding them to your dish and don’t forget to trim or snap off the ends.

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PRINT this gorgeous 10x15cm beautifood skin food card to keep beauty inspiration at finger tips reach in your kitchen Step 1. Simply click on the skin food image . Step 2. Then right click and choose †˜Save image as’ where it will be a JPEG in whichever folder you choose. Step 3. Open the saved image and print on a postcard size (6†x4†/10cmx15cm) photo paper. Step 4. Send to printer for your gorgeous skin food card! Step 5. Display on your fridge file in a A-Z card box in your kitchen. be delicious.... inside and out
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