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beauty benefits of carrots

Although usually orange, carrots can also be found in purple, red, white and yellow shades. And they’re not just for rabbits! The beauty benefits of carrots come from their vivid orange colour, which gives this root vegetable their nourishing, wrinkle fighting benefits.

vitamin A, vitamin C, beta carotene, vitamin B6, vitamin B3 (also known as niacin), vitamin K, folate, manganese, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, fibre

Eating carrots is like nurturing your eyes! The beauty benefits of carrots start with their abundance of beta carotene. They provides a fabulous boost, working to restore and nourish your eye sight. This occurs as beta carotene can be converted into vitamin A in the body, crucial for good eyesight and night vision. Carrots are also high in antioxidants enabling both your body and complexion to be defended against free radical damage. Vitamin C is vital for the maintenance of collagen production in the skin. It helps maintain skin elasticity while preventing ageing by preserving a smooth, radiant complexion.

Carrots can be added to many dishes easily- steamed, fried or baked, added to salads, smoothies or juices, and even in cakes or as a quick raw snack.

As beta carotene is fat soluble, drizzling a little bit of oil over carrots before cooking enables your body to absorb much more, helping you to reap the beauty benefits of carrots!

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