APRICOT BRAN LOAF | digestive health for glowing skin

Makes 1 loaf | over night soak + 60 mins wo-to-go I asked my mum to dig out this old-fashioned 'healthy' recipe I grew up with (yes that was over 30 years ago!) - it was one of my favourite lunch box snacks & I always ate it with lashing of unsalted butter (never had weight or cholesterol problems). I say old fashioned because it uses a 'processed food' - remember Kellogs All bran? wheat flour (ie none of the more 'modern', readily available 'gluten free' flours) and 'raw' sugar (not one of the plethora of 'wholefood syrups' that have sprung up) AND there are NO eggs or fat. It's made with apricots and sultanas (both now available organic & or sulphur free). It's firm but moist and so very mors-ish as reflected by today's sampling!! BEAUTY BOOST: Food that lingers in the digestive tract any longer than necessary can produce 'toxic' by-products, the buildup of these in an unhealthy colon has been linked to skin disorders. Speedy digestion and good digestive health is the first step to maintaining optimal health and optimal skin... that enviable glow and smooth firm skin. A diet rich in fibre, both soluble and insoluble fibre is ideal, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds and fruits are excellent intrinsic sources. Why apricots? a) They are one of the richest sources of beta -carotene for fighting wrinkle forming free radicals b) It's a great source of iron for helping skin look more radiant by carryying oxygen around your body c) Vitamin C is collagen's bedmate + it fights free radical in the 'watery part' of your cells protecting them from damage because it a water-soluble vitamin. And please..look for Australian grown and sulphur free. YOU’LL NEED….. 1 cup of All Bran 3/4 cup sultanas (organic) 100g dried apricots (cut into 2-3 pieces with scissors) - ideally sulphur free 3/4 cup raw sugar (I used organic Panela - evaporated cane juice) 2 cups of milk 1 & 1/2 cups wholemeal SR flour (or 1 &1/4 cups SR flour + 1/4 cup natural bran) TO MAKE…. Turn oven on 180C. Line a bar loaf tin with baking paper* 1. Add All Bran, apricots, sultanas, sugar & 1.5 cups of milk to bowl. Stir. Cover Stand over night - room temp is fine. 2. Add SR flour (or SR flour + bran mix). Hand Mix til combined - if too firm/ gluggy, add up to the remaining 1/2 cup of milk to 'loosen' the batter up. 3. Spoon into cake til. Bake 45 - 60mins depending on shape of tin. ie short fatter tin will take the longer time. 4. Cool. Turn out. Store in an air tight container at room temperature or slice into thick pieces and freeze for the week’s snacks. TIPS & TRICKS * I use a long thin cake tin so I get a †˜perfect’ little portioned piece, you can also use the traditional loaf tin. Smaller portions are fab for looking after your weight. - To line a bar tin, I simply use one piece to come up both the long sides – ie ends are free. It is enough to get the cake out so you don’t have to fiddle with cutting or sticking down more pieces with melted butter etc. - Use the †˜clean’ skewer test to ensure the cake is cooked. If the cake is not a gorgeous golden colour all over - turn off the oven and let it cool down there. FYI: All Bran Ingredients: Wheat Bran (65%), Sugar (13%), barley malt extract, salt, Vitamins (riboflavin, Thiamin, folate). Good source of magnesium, iron & zinc. You can substitute unprocessed bran - I swap between the 2 but the All Bran does give a richer / maltier, more caramel taste. KIDS - My little girl & boy devoured this recipe. And yes, I butter 2 slices together. - It fits your schools NO nut policy!
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