3 Day Beauty Cleanse - Day 3 De-Stress

It's the final day of our 3 Day Beauty Cleanse that will have your eyes sparkling, skin glowing and a fabulous feeling of vitality and peacefulness embrace you.

On Day 1 we cleansed our skin from the INSIDE OUT with nourishing, energising foods and Day 2 we swapped to cleaning up our skin from the OUTSIDE IN with the products you apply to your body.

Today we look at the importance of taking time and making it a priority to destress and relax by nourishing your body and soul. We introduce some healthy habits that will have you glowing from the inside out.

Let's look at your busy lifestyle and see if there are certain routines we can add to make sure you are not compromising your body due to stress. It is important to take 'me time' to look after not just your body but your mind and soul too. When you're overly stressed, your body takes a 'fight or flight' response which dumps the hormones such as cortisol and adrenalin into your blood stream. These stress hormones have far reaching effects from adding fat around your abdomen and major organs to detrimental responses in your body including inflammation. In the eyes of beauty, stress shows as: 1. Lines & Wrinkles When cortisol is released by the body, sugar levels in your blood increase. We know that sugar spikes are especially bad for diabetics, but increased blood sugar via stress also promotes this process called glycation in our skin. Glycation damages our skin’s collagen which increases lines and wrinkles. This process is known as AGEs. Advanced glycation end products (or, appropriately, AGEs for short). 2. Dry Flaky Skin Cortisol also affects our skin's ability to produce hyaluronic acid which acts as a natural moisturiser. Even more, cortisol affects the skin’s barrier allowing moisture to evaporate. And when skin is dehydrated, the enzymes in our skin that repair daily damage don’t work as well creating a vicious cycle. 3. Poor Complexion When our bodies are in the 'fight or flight' mode adrenaline may help us to charge or run away fast but it does little for our skin. In fact if adrenalin is present, blood flow to the skin is decreased, which robs it of vital nutrients such as iron and oxygen. Less oxygen and sluggish circulation leads to a dull, sallow or grey complexion. Good circulation is essential for a healthy radiant glow. 4. Cellulite When blood flow is decreased (& that comes from lack of exercise and too much sitting), toxins begin to build up in the skin as well. Toxins as we know strip you of a glowing complexion, and research shows toxins can play a role in cellulite development...which we all know what that looks like. Although stress is unavoidable (and let's admit it, many of us work better when under the thumb!), there are better ways to manage it. Here are some areas to concentrate on that also provide health benefits. Relaxation It sounds obvious, but you must make a concerted effort to slow down and relax. Long soaking baths, deep breathing, meditating, and other forms of †œquiet time† will help. Physical Activity Not only does exercise clear the mind it and blow off steam, physical activity boosts circulation which gets you glowing and wards of cellulite and boosts your metabolism to burn more energy and keep you lean. Exercise can also take the shape of yoga which includes slow breathing and inward focus. Beauty Sleep Yes - it is true what they say! Adequate sleep will keep cortisol to a minimum and fight off lines, wrinkles, and dry skin. For a deeper, longer sleep. Try these tips:
  • avoid eating and drinking alcohol or caffeine late at night
  • establish a nightly routine that allows you to wind down before bedtime
  • avoid screen time for at least half an hour before snoozing
  • don’t take your phone to bed with you
  • ensure you room is relatively dark so you don't affect your body's sleep cycle
  • try to wake to the natural light coming in
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Dry body bushing Dry Body Brushing works to invigorate your lymphatic system. By starting to 'dry brush' you will exfoliate and boost your circulation and skin tone, create more energy and create a feeling of general wellbeing.
Skin is our largest organ, it’s estimated a third of your body’s daily impurities are excreted through it. If your skin becomes sedentary, its ability to remove excess toxins is impaired. Dry body brushing helps to open the pores to release stored toxins, softens deposits of hard fat below the skin and prepares them for removal. The scrubbing motion activates the lymphatic system, especially when focusing on the underarms and groin. Other benefits include promoting circulation, aiding digestion, reducing muscle tension and stress. You can brush anywhere from two to twenty minutes. Do this as a morning invigoration or a relaxing nightly ritual, and make this impactful, easy and inexpensive beauty routine a part of your daily life. Body love for glowing results.
Relaxing Bath time Relaxing Detox Bath Soak: A dreamy bath with mineral salts help draw toxins from the skin whilst allowing your mind to relax with pure essential oils. Wishing this was you too! Image source Pinterest
Epsom salts (pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulphate) are an effective way of removing toxins and heavy metals from your body. Your skin is a highly porous membrane and adding the right minerals to your bathwater triggers a process called reverse osmosis, which actually pulls salt out of your body, along with the harmful toxins. Osmosis also works to replenish your body of vital nutrients and minerals. One in particular, magnesium, eases stress and relaxes the body by helping to produce serotonin, a mood-elevating chemical within the brain, and decreasing levels of adrenaline. It also is known to relieve inflammation, ease pain, improving blood circulation. It’s as simple as adding two cups of salt to a warm bath and soaking for at least 12 minutes. Whether you like a calming soak or wish to detox effortlessly, an salt bath is a beautiful addition to your beauty routine. Light some candles, add a couple drops of your favourite essential oil and enjoy!
photo (16) Switch your routine to rising early to enjoy the beauty benefits of exercising outdoor.

Rise & Shine: Get up with the sun and take an invigorating walk outside in the park or bush where the fresh oxygen is.

Use hand weights to increase the load, find a natural oasis - stop, stretch, be mindful of the simple, natural beauty that surrounds you.

Use this peaceful time to review how you feel and to organise your thoughts.

You won't know how good this feels or looks til you embrace that is slightly flushed with blood and full of oxygen creates rosier glowing skin - a sign of natural beauty!

Shower outdoors This is your daily standing spa treatment you can never miss. Make your own in-shower moisturising oil by combining your favourite plant oil (eg olive, coconut or flaxseed) with a few drops of essentials oils and pop it in a plastic container and keep in the shower. Whilst under the shower pop some in your hand, rub together, inhale then smooth over your wet body. The steam opens your pores and the oil soaks into your skin, trapping moisture and leaving your skin cleansed and baby soft. Not mention creating an uplifting aromatherapy session every day! Using natural, pure oils as a body wash and moisturiser is an amazing way to get your body feeling silky soft without the fillers, emulsifiers and other nasties that can be found in soaps and cleansers that strip your skin of natural oils causing it to dry out. And since you only need a smidgen and it comes from your pantry it is an economical and effective way to have beautiful skin. I have been doing this for 15 years, you do not feel greasy after this daily ritual nor does your towel become dank.
Relax Simple, organic objects create a feeling of calm. It's important to take a little time to look inwards and gather some goodness.
Your home or at least several rooms should be considered a refuge from the outside world where new technology, frenetic schedules and the cult of consumerism can leave you feeling anxious and unfilled. To regain a sense of spirituality, use simple natural aesthetics such as pebbles, sand and stones as home decor, to help calm your senses, inspire creativity and induce clarity of thought. Have your own personal quiet space inside or out where you can find peace and reconnect with your spiritual self, for about 15 minutes a day. The start or end of the day is best.
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Making lipstick from healthy food Treat yourself with little lip nourish for making some positive changes to your lifestyle
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