Natural Beauty Q&A: Nina Smith from Nina Loves Summer

Meet Nina, a happy-go-lucky nutritionist and beach babe from tropical Queensland, Australia whose love for whole, nourishing foods, a balanced lifestyle and toxin-free environmentally friendly living makes her a green beauty warrior in our eyes! You might know Nina from the website Nourish & Namaste or her gorgeous Instagram page @ninalovessummer (which is simply brimming with all the colours of the rainbow, insatiable fruits and vegies as well as loads of health and fitness inspiration).We are positively thrilled Nina has taken the time to have a chat with us about what goes on in her beautiful, sunny world – and know you’re going to love what she has to say. Read on, natural beauties!

1) Tell us a bit about your career + describe a day in the life of you!

I have recently completed a Bachelor of Medical Science specialising in Nutrition, so my career is  only just beginning! I have been involved in an Australian, State and Territory Government initiative  under the National partnership Agreement of Preventive Health over the last few years to promote healthy lifestyle behaviours for parents and children. I have just launched my own website with my business partner, and hot yoga instructor Natasha Willness to spread our love of nutrition and yoga. At the moment, I am finishing off the last of the recipes in our Super Simple Smoothie eBook and am in the early stages of starting nutritional consulting online to connect and provide support to people who are unable to access support for healthy eating.

2) What inspired you to start your beautiful Instagram page @ninalovesummer?

I was inspired to start my @ninalovesummer Instagram as a positive outlet for my own health journey and love of a healthy, happy lifestyle. My page is about positive vibes, natural living and healthy beauty and body care. I really wanted to life back to basics and focus on the small things in life, to appreciate simplicity.

3) Describe a day on your plate (what you eat, any particular ‘healthy food faves’ if any)?

I start everyday with water straight after I wake up with lemon or apple cider vinegar to kick start digestion for the day. For breakfast I have either a muesli mixture which I make myself (it is super easy – just puffed non-GMO corn and rice, oats, coconut, LSA and chia seeds, raw nuts and seeds) or a green smoothie made with fresh baby spinach, mango, banana, coconut water, kiwi fruit, spirulina and brown rice protein powder. Raw nuts and seed mix or a homemade energy ball is my morning tea and my favourite lunch at the moment is a big leafy green salad with roasted pumpkin or sweet potato, hummus, pumpkin seeds, avocado, fresh herbs, red onion and red or black rice with a squeeze of lemon juice. Fresh fruit is my afternoon pick me up and for dinner I go for a crispy Asian stir fry.. I also make sure I drink a minimum 2 litres of water every day.

Luk Lip Nourish

4) Why do you think toxin-free beauty is the way to go?

Toxin-free beauty is the way to go for your own health but also to support companies which are ethical in their practices. Going “toxin-free” can be daunting, especially when most women spend a lot of money on their favourite cosmetics that they love and have habitually used for a very long time. You don’t need to make the change overnight and if you cannot do it for the bigger picture than make the change for yourself and your (future) children. Our skin is designed to absorb what we put on it. The ingredients which are in the products you use on your hair and skin every day get absorbed into your body. Our bodies are overwhelmed with toxins from the environment. You cannot always control your environment but you can control the products which you use on your body in your own home. Chemicals in personal care products have been linked to numerous health problems in animal studies and are beginning to be correlated to cancers, infertility and birth defects in humans.

Not only do many of the products which you use daily are likely to contain parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, sodium laurel sulphate or sodium laureth sulphate, which are associated with negative health consequences, but the companies who produce these products support unsustainable practices, test on animals and are motivated by providing a low quality product with maximal profit. There is no winning for the consumer in this situation. By going toxin-free you are supporting companies which are doing the right thing in spending that hard yards researching and creating products which are free from harmful chemicals and you can also have peace of mind that you are not contributing to the toxic load on your body.

5) Who do you look to for inspiration?

Instagram is a huge inspiration for me, I use it as my own vision board to follow other people’s lives who are eating naturally and pursuing a lifestyle which is in harmony with their own dreams and environment. My mum has always inspired me to be a strong, independent woman and to strive to eat more ethically and to become more conscious of the impact we have on others.

6) What do you think makes a woman a natural beauty?

Natural beauty starts from the inside. A woman is a natural beauty if she spreads light, is loving, accepting and makes people feel happy and uplifted. Natural beauty comes from caring about the impact of your actions and pursuing your own purpose in life.

Life is a Beach

7) What is your mantra; which quote do you swear by when it comes to feeling happy and successful?

To me honest, my mantra is “life’s a beach”. The only thing constant in life is change, to me this quote keeps me grounded and makes me focus on what is important in life which is being happy, grateful and valuing the people in life that you love and for me it means connecting with nature, the sand and ocean which makes me feel alive.

8) What is one beauty product you never leave the house without?

My ABSOLUTE one beauty product that I cannot leave the house without is PapPaw ointment. It has been a household essential from a young age and I have a tube in every handbag, the car, bathroom and bedside drawer. It is made in Queensland from local paw paws which are fermented and preserved without the use of talc, shellac, palm oil, glycerin or sodium lauryl sulphate. I use it on my lips but it can also be used on minor burns and scalds, sunburn, gravel rash, cuts, minor open wounds, chafing insect bites, splinters and thorns. It has so many uses, I love it!

9) What are your tips for healthy, radiant skin?

Beautiful skin starts from the inside, a healthy diet free from processed foods, added sugar and synthetic ingredients is key. Drinking plenty of water helps to relieve lymphatic congestion which can contribute to skin problems. Eliminating toxic chemicals in your body care or household products helps and looking into some medications which can affect your skin. Smoothies and juices made from fresh fruit and vegetables provide enzymes and antioxidants which can improve the clarity of your skin and eliminating dairy products may also help. I feel as though my skin glows when I am tanned, so Eco Tan and a mineral bronzer are essentials for my skin to feel and look radiant.

10) Which products from our website do you think are the perfect tools for creating a stunning, glowing makeup canvas and why?

Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish and 100% Pure Dark Chocolate Mascara are the perfect for a glowing, natural look. Chai Shimmer Lip Nourish is my favourite, it has a golden nude tone and is made with clean foods. It is soft and silky to apply, leaving your lips feel moisturised and looking beautiful. 100% Pure Dark Chocolate Mascara smells absolutely amazing and is the best cruelty free mascara that I have tried. It is coloured with cacao and coffee pigments and is water and smudge resistant.

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