Cindy Luken by Peter Collier


Hi, tx for popping in – that’s me Cindy in my beauty kitchen at home and this is my story! I have been a lifelong advocate of healthy eating and living well, taking nothing to extremes nor missing out on the good life. Food has been my world from cooking as a child and studying food science and nutrition to cooking for one of Australia’s pioneering caterers and building a biscuit empire.

Oddly enough in today’s world of transformations there have been no life changing illnesses, new found beliefs or eating reforms for me. I have simply been fortunate enough that my beautiful mamma has shown me how to eat well and appreciate good food. I have dedicated my life to knowing what’s in it, what it does for you, how to grow, cook, eat, enjoy, share and now wear it!


I believe nourishing my whole body is what fuels my accomplishments and my love of life and gives me the confidence to be happy with who I am, with my own looks and feelings and have the energy to be a good mum, wife and friend.


So why am I in the makeup industry now …when, if you know me I rarely wear it! In 2005 I ran a ‘natural body care’ business for a friend and witnessed first hand how beauty products were formulated and became concerned about what we were piling on our skin – chemicals, and the lack of knowledge we had about the ingredients used in products and the affect on our bodies. So many of us had made the connection between eating for health but were yet to make the connection with “what goes on our skin goes in” despite knowing that medicines and nicotine for example are delivered into our blood stream via patches on our skin.

I quickly realised there was no point eating well if you still slathered on body care products and painted your face with a toxic cocktail of fragrances, synthetic dyes, chemical preservatives and petroleum (aka plastic) ingredients when evidence was starting to show that they were known endocrine disrupters, carcinogenic or linked to cancer or caused allergies and skin sensitivities.


With a craving to have another business and armed with this insight, my science qualifications and experience with developmenting new products (in the lab at Sara Lee and with the creation of 80+ biscuit lines for Luken & May my first biz) I set up a test kitchen at home and started experimenting with formulating all natural, skin healthy makeup. It was a ‘no-brainer’ that lippies could be made from food instead of synthetics. I scoped out my first product range, found packaging, an eco designer and world class manufacturer in Melbourne…a path that took 4+ years from concept to launch when you only work 15 hrs a week and had an aversion to risk when you had 2 preschooler kids.

With luk beautifood I entered into new territory – making make up made from food, sharing my food, cooking and nutrition knowledge, giving fresh hope to beauty, and pioneering a healthier way to live that encompassed a woman’s whole body.

I want to empower women….I want to give women the confidence and courage to highlight not hide their natural beauty with simple, beautiful and multipurpose products that feed skin outside in and inside out.  


As a little background….I have a B. App. Sci. in Food & Nutrition, an Honorary Master of Science from Newcastle University for my contribution to the world of food and science, cooked for Prince Charles and Lady Di and got sticky fingers creating Sara Lee’s Ice cream and Sticky Date Pudding! With my first business Luken & May we baked about 30 million bikkies pa.

It seems a lifetime ago but Luken & May was a startup business (that’s code for working 24/7 for peanuts) that used private investment equity to grow quickly by selling the best ever biscuits to top tier retailers, FMCG, airlines and hospitality brands in Australia and the UK. Over time we won over 20 export, entrepreneur and business awards including Jaguar Gourmet Traveller award for Excellence in Produce, the Australian Business “Success thru Innovation” prize and 19th & 20th spot in BRW’s Fast 100 and was made an inaugural member of the Australian Businesswoman’s Network “Hall of Fame”. During that time I sat on various advisory committees and councils including the National Food Industry Council and Innovation Committees providing input on strategic and future issues (at Parliament House with 5 ministers present!) and was a member of the Small Business Advisory panel to the Reserve Bank Board.

I have been happily married for 22 years and have 2 beautiful young children and live in Sydney, Australia. I love to cook, be outdoors, tend my kitchen garden, travel  (oh yes!) and do nothing!


I am on a quest to prove that food is the essence of a beautiful woman. It powers and transforms how you look, feel, your action and attitudes.

I hope to:

Inspire you to make better choices with the products you apply and eat.
Motivate you to nourish your whole body.
See your natural beauty glow.

be delicious inside and out



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