How to Lighten your Toxic Load when it Comes to Lipstick

Don’t be fooled: some of your favourite lipsticks could contain more than just a splash of pretty pigment and glossy goodness, especially bright reds! Many mainstream lipsticks are in fact loaded with toxic metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic and nickel, thereby heightening your risk of dangerous diseases and organ damage. Yikes!

Why should you think twice before swiping on just any old lipstick?

The average woman consumes anywhere between 4 to 10 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime (gulp). Those same sticks of lippie may contain toxic ingredients that could be doing more damage than good.

Exposure to certain metals has been linked to health concerns including reproductive, immune and nervous system toxicity. Symptoms can include headaches, weakness, constipation, fatigue, muscle and joint pain.

When bio-absorption of heavy metals occurs, each person is affected in different ways depending on their specific threshold and manifesting as different symptoms, but there’s still that risk. Wouldn’t you feel more at peace knowing you were limiting your toxic exposure as much as possible? The brain is not designed to cope with heavy metals, nor is the internal system, so it only makes sense to stay away from toxic ingredients in favour of safe, nourishing alternatives.

It’s not just heresy – there’s proof!

A recent study conducted by University of California found concerning levels of heavy metal content in 32 popular lipsticks and glosses. Lead turned up in 75% of products and about 30% of products contained levels of chromium higher than what’s considered safe when people applied them at the average daily rate. Alarming stuff!

What metals should you avoid?

Heavy metals like lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminium, zinc, chromium and iron are found in many lipsticks formulas.

High levels of cadmium can be stored in the kidneys and could lead to renal failure.

Lead is an enzyme inhibitor and over a long period of time it can build up and cause a plethora of health issues for its wearer or consumer.

Moreover, chronic exposure to nickel, arsenic, aluminium, chromium, iron and zinc can lead to an increased risk of lung cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, neurological deficits and developmental problems.

And there’s a big loophole too. Because certain heavy metals are considered a contaminant and not an ingredient, it doesn’t have to be listed on the label, so you might not even know what you are applying to your pout. To me, that’s the scariest part, not knowing what the heck is in all of your consumer products! How can you possibly protect yourself without such important information?

What ingredients should you be applying instead?

Yes, lipstick makes you feel beautiful and confident but it shouldn’t be making you sick or drying out your lips.

I am absolutely transparent about all of the ingredients my Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish Lipsticks are made from. These include skin-healthy foods rich in antioxidants and vitamins and free from synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives. Similarly, the 100% Pure makeup range that I stock contains only safe, healthy, natural, fruit pigmented ingredients that cause no harm to your external or internal health and you will never EVER find hidden nasty ingredients in either collection. That’s how makeup should be!

It’s a choice. It starts with YOU.

Why are we still okay with applying potentially dangerous, irritating chemicals to our skin? Perhaps we think only a small amount won’t do much harm, perhaps there’s not enough education, or perhaps we’ve fallen victim to marketing codswallop from big consumer companies that think it’s okay to sell a bunch of toxins to the masses and mask it with glitz and glamour advertising tactics.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you. You choose what should go on (and therefore in!) your skin, and you choose how many chemicals and potential endocrine-disruptors you wish to be exposed to. But choose wisely, beauties.

Chances are, if you’ve read this article right to the very end, you’re beginning to think twice about some of your makeup and household product choices and I am glad!

Educate yourself

There are MANY resources out there on the interwebs. I’ve even created quite the library of further information about this topic (see below for a few key subjects):

The Dirty Thirty toxic beauty ingredients

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The list of hazardous and toxic beauty ingredients

I’m here to empower my natural beauties and inform you about what’s healthy, what’s safe and how you can safeguard yourself from harmful toxins effortlessly and easily, without skimping on quality when it comes to your makeup products. I’ll hold your hand and walk you through the process, because as women, we deserve to be anointed with the purest and safest of ingredients for a happy, healthy lifestyle.

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