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6 Reasons to Shop at the Farmers’ Markets

We all know farmers’ markets are a great place to find your organic fruits and vege but that’s just the start of it. Did you know that a study released by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) actually proved that farmers' markets provide a number of benefits to farmers, consumers and communities.
The study found that farmers’ markets provide people with alternative access to fresh, local, seasonal and often-organic food sourced directly from the food producer or farmer. It is this exposure to a variety of foods that gives people the opportunity to learn about new foods, how they were produced and how to create beautiful new healthy dishes, all whilst providing farmers with an economically viable distribution option. And it doesn’t stop there! Here are our top 6 reasons you should take a visit to farmers' markets when you can (we are all for the late Sunday emergency supermarket run!)
  1. You can support local farmers
By doing a shop at the farmers’ markets you are supporting the local farmers and small business owners who are often using the markets to get their start and who need it the most. You’re also putting money back into the local economy and assisting local growers in their ability to continue providing their products to you.
  1. Builds community and neighbourhood spirit
Instead of just scanning your items at the self serve checkout, the farmers markets actually allows you to talk to the farmers who grow your food as well as other like-minded, health-conscious people in your community. Plus the friendly, relaxed atmosphere and beautiful outdoor setting of a market is a far more inviting place to have conversations and form new friendships than in aisle 5.
  1. The Food is fresher (and tastes better!)
Ever heard of food miles? This refers to the distance your food has travelled to get from where it was picked to your plate and you will certainly not find any signs advertising the food miles at your local supermarket. While a number of the big supermarket chains do try and support aussie farmers as much as possible, a lot of produce is still flown in from half way across the world (that’s how we can still get cherries in winter time!) and so are obviously not fresh.
  1. Huge variety
If you think all you’ll find at the markets is fruit and vege, you are very wrong! At markets at like the Pyrmont Growers Markets you'll find artisan breads, preserves, cold pressed juices, sweet treats, meats, cheese and hand made pasta, just to name a few!
  1. Creates a relationship between the farmer and consumer
Shopping at the farmer's markets creates an excellent opportunity to communicate with those who grow or create the foods that you eat. It’s important to know what you're eating and how it was grown and what better way to find out what’s in your food then being able to talk to the person who grows it and sells it to you? You'll be surprised at how much you learn from different farmers.
  1. It's better for the environment
It’s healthier and more sustainable to eat food that is locally grown. Eating food grown in the local area cuts down on the money, energy, and resources needed to ship the food to you and by cutting down on the natural resources used to transport your food to you, you’re doing your part to help the environment. Convinced yet? Join us at the SMH Pyrmont Growers Market on the first Saturday of each month for fresh cold pressed juices, our famous beauty breakfast bars and natural makeup. This Saturday will be extra special as it will first event of the SMH Good Food Month! So come down and grab a go+glow green smoothie while you browse the beautiful stalls, events and demonstrations in the sunshine.
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