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Why Do Lips Dry Out?

Ever wondered why you get dry lips ? Like your complexion, lips require maintenance to look their best. So if you’re experiencing a tight, flaky or dry pout you can nail it down to certain foods, drinks, sunlight, makeup, and drying oral-hygiene products that are causing them to look lacklustre. These elements, combined with your mouth’s thin skin, lack of oil glands, little to no melanin, plus frequent facial movement, can all have an aging effect on the lips over time. What are some other reasons that the lips dry out?
    • Unlike your body’s skin, lip tissue is extremely thin and does not have any secretion glands to 'oil' them. We subconsciously lick our lips to moisturise them because moisture evaporates from the lips much faster than from our skin. This subtle balance is often upset during winter when the air is dryer, the winds blowing, temperatures are colder and you breathe thru your mouth more (especially with a cold). All these factors have a drying effect on your lips by drawing moisture away. This dryness frequently results in chapping and cracking, and increases the risk of inflammation, soreness and infection.
    • Stress is also a major culprit of dry lips. During the fight or flight response our body shallow breathes - blowing air more frequently across our lips causing them to dry out. Because lips are so thin, they often are the first to present signs of dryness in your body.
    • People who suffer from dry lips and skin are often deficient in essential fatty acids.
      • If you’re dehydrated and not drinking enough water, then chances are this will show around your mouth as the lips are one of the first places on the body to show a lack of water in the system
    • Lip treatments that are full of petroleum, which is a mineral oil derivative, can actually harm the lips. While it may feel like they are hydrating the pout momentarily, they absolutely cannot add moisture or encourage hydration. All-natural, safe, organic products are the way to go in substitute of these toxic formulas!
Read more here if you have really dry lips. What can you do to fix anything that is plaguing your lips?
      • Avocado, flax seed and walnut oil, with their naturally high essential fatty acid content are excellent moisturisers so slather some on whenever you feel like your lips are particularly dry.
      • Chug down a minimum of 1.5 litres of water per day to keep your lips amply hydrated and nourished.
      • Lip Nourish with avocado & citrus oils and natural emollients is fabulous for keeping your lips soft, smooth, hydrated & protected. Wear a Nude Cinnamon Lip Nourish lipstick or try a sheer citrus or spice colour. I can honestly say that I have not had dry lips in 5 years from when I first started to develop Lip Nourish. My kids have not either - they both have a Nude Cinnamon balm and if they have the sniffles (i.e. sleep with mouth open) they use it and never get dry or cracked lips.
      • Slough away dead skin cells by taking a warm, damp face cloth and gently exfoliating your lips by massaging the cloth over them in small circles and seal with Lip Nourish.
So if you have dry lips this Winter, or any time of the year really, then try the above tips to ensure your kissers remain soft, sumptuous, smooth and kissable at all times. Cindy
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