Tips for Keeping Your New Year Resolutions.

A New Year means New Resolutions – resolutions that you aspire to work towards till the end of the year/ or till you reach your goals. Right now, you’re probably feeling a surge of motivation and determination to run your course, but like many, I find come February/March, there is just no more energy and willpower to work towards it. Well, those days are now long gone. Here are some handy tips to help you (finally!) stick to your resolutions this year!
  1. Simplify your goals to just one SPECIFIC goal. You only have so much energy to commit to things, and committing to more than one resolution is just way too hard, not to mentiontime-consuming. Moreover, vague, ambiguous resolutions like, †˜I’m going to save more,’ and †˜I’m going to exercise more,’ need to be altered to specify time frames. For example, †˜Every week, I will put $50 into my bank account.’ This’ll help you reach your goal more easily, because of the ritualised motivation.
  2. Try not to choose a resolution that you’ve unsuccessfully attained year, after year. This’ll only make you feel even worse if you don’t achieve it. If you would like to keep your resolutions, try making modifications to the goal. For example, instead of getting to an ideal weight, make it your goal to become healthier and fit, by the inclusion of weekly exercise.
  3. Put pen to paper, and write that goal down! By writing your resolution down, and placing it somewhere you’ll see it regularly, it’ll keep you motivated and inspired to keep at it!
  4. Get your friends and family involved! This’ll reinforce your goals, as well as enabling you to have a support group to help you when you fall off the wagon.
  5. Expect setbacks. Don’t beat yourself up when you eat something fatty, or don’t have the energy to exercise today (and the like)! Have a rest, and regroup/rejuvenate yourself for the next day.
  6. Reward yourself…when you make progress! If you have smaller goals that work towards a larger goal, reward yourself along the way, because you deserve it! Don’t forget to keep your eyes on the prize.
We hope that helps! Let us know how you go!
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