3 Worst Things You Can Do If You've Got Dry Lips

The 3 Worst Things You Can Do If You've Got Dry Lips - And How to Fix Them

We all know when a cold change is coming. Our noses start to sniffle, we feel the need to layer up before heading out for the day, and a hot cup of tea or coffee feels great between our hands. For myself, the worst part about the start of winter used to be how my lips started to feel dry and chapped after facing the elements.

Fortunately those days are way behind me since I started creating Lip Nourish. Your first reaction might be to grab the chap stick and constantly apply throughout the day. This provides temporary relief, but I guarantee you'll find it's always coming off when you eat, drink, lick your lips or even when you're just talking!

Taking care of your lips during winter is a bit more involved than slapping on some chap stick ;) Here are my best tips for always-moisturised lips in winter. Try them out and let me know how your lips are feeling after a couple of days (just change your routine a little and you'll see improvements soon). 


The 3 worst things you can do if you've got dry lips:

1. Stop licking your lips! It might seem like licking your lips provides relief in the cold winter breeze, but it actually makes your lips dryer. The saliva evaporates very quickly and leaves your lips dryer than they were before.

2. Stop biting your lips. Reduce stress and anxiety in your life if this makes you bite your lips. The skin on your lips is much more sensitive than the rest of your skin and biting can cause damage and irritation. Especially in cold weather this will make your lips more susceptible to chapping and cracking. Take care of yourself and your lips!

3. Avoid drying face cleansers. If your normal cleanser is drying out your face it's also drying out your lips, undoing any of the benefits your lip scrub and Lip Nourish combo achieved the night before. Avoid using this kind of product on your lips (and find a less drying cleanser if you can!). And here's two final tips to really improve your lips during winter:

4. Apply lip scrub before you go to bed. After a day in the cool air, your lips will feel dry, irritated and they won't be looking very luscious. Make your own lip scrub with ingredients from your kitchen. Use an exfoliating ingredient like brown sugar or grinded salt mixed with something that will hold it together, like oil or honey. These ingredients are totally natural and good for the skin. After you've used the scrub, rinse off and pat your lips dry with a soft towel.

For a foolproof lip care routine for a well-nourished and moisturised lips without having worrying about synthetic ingredients:

Apply your favourite sheer shade of Lip Nourish before you hop into bed so your lips keep the moisture in. Doing this at night will kickstart the healing process and get some blood back into your lips. In the morning they will feel plump and smooth. If you had cracks, they will already look much better. You can do this as often as you'd like, but don't rub your lips too hard or you might cause more irritation. If you want to try some other recipes for naturally beautiful skin, check out our much loved DIY Beauty Recipes.

5. Drink water! This is the easiest tip on my list :) Drink more water during winter to hydrate yourself from the inside out.


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