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Quick Pick-Me-Ups For When You're Feeling Bloated

It’s the middle of the week, party season has started and you’re feeling bloated or spotty just wishing for the week to just end, already. When that happens, here are some foodie tips to make you feel fabulous once more, and ready to face the world: Feeling bloated?
  • Stop eating so much - it's the number 1 cause of bloating!!
  • Avoid products with gluten (remember WORB - wheat, oats rye & barley) or have smaller serves or less serves per day of gluten rich foods. ie pasta & bread
  • Down some water! Water will help expel toxins from your body, and it’ll make you feel fresh, instantaneously.
  • Another reason to avoid sweeteners.
  • Eat foods high in fibre, such as, apples, pears, wholemeal bread & cereals, most veggies or sprinkle a medley of raw fibre on your muesli This’ll help move the food through your intestines, keeping your digestive system healthy and eliminating those bloaty feelings. However, make sure you upgrade your fibre content gradually, as too much, too soon, could make you feel even worse....and drinks lots of water.
  • Water-rich fruits and vegetables, such as, watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers and grapefruit. Likewise, these’ll help flush out your body.
  • Know how to cook pulses to avoid the fermentation of the carbs in your stomach which produces the gas / bloating. ie soaking & rinsing or high heat cooking (roasting) before long slow cooking in copious quantities of moisture .
  • Stop eating air - half the gas in our tummies comes from swallowing it. ie sparkling mineral, drinking thru a straw
Feeling oily/ pimply?
  • Like always, water, water, water! Water will keep your skin hydrated and refreshed, as well as helping shed those dead skin cells quickly.
  • Ruby Ernica of Knoji, Consumer Knowledge, says: †˜Switch from coffee, tea to green tea. Green tea is a fantastic health drink with plenty of benefits including a remedy to help cure acne. Since it contains tannic acid it aids in reducing swelling, shrink pimples and prevent acne.’
  • †˜Add fish to your diet. Fish contains omega 3 fatty acids which fight against acne tremendously.’
  • †˜Incorporate organic foods in your diet as there are no added chemicals and preservatives which harm your body and skin.
  • Eat fruits and loads of vegetables which are rich in Vitamin A. Apricot, avocado, cherries, oranges, watermelon, broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, peas and spinach are excellent sources of Vitamin A.’
Hope this helps you find some peace of mind!

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