Nourished life - 5 ways how to live

Living a Nourished Life

A nourished life is a way of living that is clean, natural, healthy and energising to bring a sense of balance and calm.
It is about making your state of physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing at the centre of every thing you do and know… without sacrificing style, convenience and performance! A Nourished Life is our third vital ingredient for a beautiful natural you (Natural beauty and Clean food the other 2) . Our bodies can absorb chemicals that we come into contact with, even if we weren’t intending to, so it’s important to eliminate anything that is toxic. We are guessing you know how important it is to have a home free of chemicals and radiation, What’s needed to make your home healthy? From ditching Teflon and bleached baking paper in the kitchen to finding or making DIY natural cleaning products that work - we have been there. We are not perfect in the way we live a nourished life nor do we strive to be but in a world where everyday we are bombarded by products and mixed messages, we have worked out easy ways to make your home healthier, your life richer. How do you manage life work balance? Discover how to determine what your priorities are in life, and established routines and ways to relax and enrich your daily life to enable you to feel less stressed. It could be creating a kitchen garden that provides herbs to spice up a dish or fill the green food gap when you can’t make it to the shops OR designing an outdoor space to retreat to for †˜me time’. What about our kids – how do we raise them to be fit and vital, to care for our environment and help make the switch to a healthier life when everyone around them is still living toxic ways? (#peergrouppressure) Why the alarming rate of allergies and intolerances? What bath and hair products are you using? What’s the fuss with fluoride-free toothpaste? Do natural sunscreens work – what are the best? What happens when little one has been giving toxic play makeup?
Nourished life - 5 ways how to live
Ways to live a nourished life.
Inspirational quotes are a fabulous way to help you start and/ or keep you on track to live a more nourished life. They motivate and remind you of what's essential. Each monday morning I write about something you can apply to your daily life to make small changes in your thinking or actions. For the year ahead I pull all my most important thoughts together to create an inspiring vision board for me. Why not create a vision or dream board and pop it on a pin board in the kitchen or at your desk to keep you inspired and on track to living more natural and healthy. I love creating my board at that dreamy time between Boxing day & New Years eve. Here are my top 10 favourite ways to live a more nourished life:
  1. Choose eco friendly chemical free household cleaning products or DIY simple products like baking soda and vinegar.
  2. Use pure essential oils, not perfumes, to fragrance your home
  3. Make sure products aren’t tested on animals.
  4. Grow your own herb and vegetable garden – a vertical wall if space is tight.
  5. Ditch plastic wraps and pre-packed products for a rubbish-free lunch box.
  6. Buy your food from farmer’s markets or a co-op to support local food growers
  7. Reuse, repurpose and recycle properly – chickens are a great way to get rid of food scraps, or
  8. Set up a worm farm - the compost you make will be great for helping your garden grow!
  9. Take advantage of the great outdoors to feel rejuvenated. Get back to nature.
  10. Dissolve stress and increase happiness in minutes by going for a bike ride or walk.
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