Monday Motivation: Know your worth

What does it mean to know your worth?
To me, it means letting go of unrealistic standards of beauty and embracing yourself as you are, right now, in all of your gorgeous wonderment. It means loving yourself unconditionally....because you feel happy with who you are and what you do. It means manifesting your heart's true desire and creating an overall positive image of yourself, rather than trying to alter your identity based on outside expectations and influences.. It means discovering what makes you truly happy and following this, your own path. It means being proud of your decisions and taking responsibility for them. It means saying no when needed, and saying yes when it feels right. It means being authentic and speaking your truth. It means honouring your body and mind with the nourishing practices it needs and deserves. It means surrounding yourself with people that reflect how magic you truly are and bring out the best in you. It means living in alignment with your values. It means nurturing yourself often and learning how to make yourself feel special. It means opening yourself up to infinite possibilities and accepting just how fabulous life can truly become. It means finding your passion, and doing what you love most, what feels right. Health, inner, outer beauty and especially your environment help you to perceive your self worth. If you are in an environment that makes you feel any less than amazing or far from loved, perhaps it's time to take a step back and redefine or even discover what makes you happy. Perhaps it's time to find joy and create a life that reflects this.
When you begin to really feel good about yourself and feel confident about the choices you make, your life will change. You begin to put the fear aside, the disappointment of others to bed, and decide to only worry about the single most important person, yourself. You will walk into a room and light it up, you will be the one that glows from the inside with happiness and natural beauty.
Through experience and engaging in activities you may have never thought possible you will learn your value and worth and your self-esteem will begin to sky-rocket. It doesn't happen overnight and it truly isn't easy but when you finally make the decision to love yourself first and foremost, you will start to cultivate things that reflect this and anything that doesn’t fit inside this 'self love' framework will disappear as quickly they came. And that really isn't a bad thing, now, is it?
What does self-worth to you natural beauties? x
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