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How to Eat Clean & Still Indulge this Christmas

†˜Tis the Christmas party season where we tend to shy away from our daily clean living routines, and are tempted by those Christmas treats we know are not as good for us or have little control over what is offered to us. Knowing this is a common occurrence during the festive season, I thought I'd come up with a †˜cheat sheet’ on how to eat clean and still indulge this Christmas. 1. Water We’ve said it so many times - WATER. WATER. WATER. DRINK IT AND LOVE IT! Water will keep you feeling energetic, while helping you look fresh and youthful. It keeps your skin plump & moist and flushes out the toxins. When drinking alcohol, keep your body and skin hydrated. One glass of champagne, one glass of water, one glass of champagne, one glass of water... and so on (not to mention giving you a 'lighter' hangover!) 2. Less is More When at a party, opt for a smaller plate and smaller portions. Don’t stress, you’ll still be able to sample & savour everything, but in smaller rations! 3. An Easy Decision Choose fruit and vegetables in larger proportions over fried and sugary foods. 4. Slow Down Savour your food. Eat slowly and allow your body to know when it has eaten a sufficient amount. 5. Plan Healthy Have a delicious & nutritious menu in mind for Christmas brunch/dinner and stick to it. 6. Don't Skip Don’t skip meals – and if you are hungry, grab a wholesome, fresh-food snack in between meals. Try yoghurt, fruit, raw vegetables, wholegrain foods and unsalted nuts. 7. Healthy Snacks Avoid temptation by limiting sweet treats at your place. Have a beautiful bowl of stone fruit & nuts in their shells on the table for you and for when friends and family drop by. 8. Indulge! But most importantly – indulge (in moderation, of course!) and don't feel guilty. It’s Christmas - a time for reveling in good times with your friends and family. Balance over indulgence with exercise – walks with your family, yoga in the morning and of course your health-full NYE resolutions!

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