monday motivation - finding balance

monday motivation - finding balance

One of the hardest things in life is finding your balance but once you understand what makes you truly happy and how to manage it you will feel good about yourself and stay centred.
It's good to seek inspiration and know-how from others - it starts ideas flowing but it is important to recognise that we are all different - whether it is our age, number kids, life stage, profession, likes or dislikes, skills and values, what our financial position is and what goals we have. Just as important is 'what motivates YOU not your friend or blogger'. In the last 10 years 'finding balance' for me was about taking a helicopter view on life and working out what was important. Back in the early 2000's when I owned Luken & May Biscuits I could not see how I could manage a successful business (retail sales of $10m), have kids and run a happy, healthy household. If I tried to do it all (well) I knew I would loose my balance. So I made a choice - to focus on raising a family and then create a new business (lük) with an infrastructure that would give me flexibility and opportunity so I could stay balanced. I am in deep now, it's not perfect but it has the makings and that in itself means 'I don't loose it'. (at 80% of the time!!) Juggling many balls and trying to do our best means that something sometimes will eventually give. As mums that normally means you, by default we put ourself last on 'the list' and for many of us we don't follow the flying rule "put on you face mask before tending to others". So, how do I find balance? 1) Start the day peacefully and energised. For me there is nothing better than seeing getting up early and getting outdoors to see the sun rise. I try at least 4 mornings a week to go walking (I hate running and gyms) with weights in my hands to the local reserve or jump on my bike and race around the back streets. I have kids and leave them at home, as long as I am back by 7am when hubby leaves - it's cool. 2) Make a nourishing breakfast for the entire family. By make a green smoothie or 'detox' juice (beet, ginger, apple, carrot) to go with a bowl of oats or cornflakes (yes!) topped with muesli, natural yoghurt + seasonal fruit I can relax knowing we all have our started the day with good food and if the wheels fall off later in the day I know we have had several serves of F&V, probiotics, fibre and dairy under our belt. Sometimes we throw an egg on toast in if still hungry, that tends to happen if we have just had a soup or salad for dinner -small amount of protein. 3) Create good habits. If you create a routine, guess what, the wheel are less likely to fall off and doing 'stuff' does not seem like a burden - you just do it without thinking, efficiently. Eg the exercise and juice habits. And having for example a Lip Nourish the car, in your bag and in your bathroom so you don't have to think or look to find it. I do this because I know that just a little touch of colour and that gorgeous creamy soft moisture on my lips feels so good ...not to mention making me pause, just for a moment to nurture me! 4) Set goals and rewards. If I achieve what I set out to do I reward myself, who does not love a treat. 5) Safety Net. This always is about food and having the ingredients on hand to make delicious and nutritious meals without having to thinking too hard during the week. I have a go-to repertoire for meals and snacks (eg if I have chicken thighs on hand - what are my 3 'no brainer' options) and growing my own kitchen garden with herbs, salad leaves and citrus so I have the absolute basics on hand if the fridge is bare or to be able to tickle simple dishes. eg avocado and tomatoes love basil or tarragon. 6) Let it go. As my husband says 'ease the sail''ll go faster and in the direction you are heading. It's a hard thing to grasp, but we are the only ones that 'tighten' everything up, put too much on our plate and then not realise or worse, complain. So, just work on what is important and you will be far more balanced and comfortable with 'easing the sail'. And in living this month's theme - Don't Loose our Balance my post is up early as we are going to the snow! Have a beautiful and balanced week.

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