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beauty benefits of parsnips

This Root vegetable is a cream to white colour and grows with a green leafy top when in the ground. They are just like a carrot but sweeter and were used as a sweetener before sugar cane.
Vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, folate, niacin, calcium, copper, potassium, iron, fibre and falcarinol.
The beauty benefits of parsnips begin as potassium balances fluids in the body. This helps to maintain optimum levels of moisture in the skin, keeping it hydrated and smooth. Parsnips contain a nutrient called falcarinol which acts as both an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrient. This helps to rid the body of any damaging free radicals while giving you a smooth, clear toned complexion. Parsnips are great for cleansing the body as it is rich in fibre. This helps to maintain a radiant appearance, while copper helps to stimulate collagen and elastin formation, encouraging a revitalised complexion.
They can be eaten both raw (grated into a salad like celariac) and cooked, either baked, boiled, fried, steamed or roasted. Parsnips are even boiled in soup and then removed to provide a gorgeous subtle flavour.
Similar to potatoes, parsnips can either be eaten with the skin or peeled. When eaten with the skin don’t forget to scrub the outsides, and when peeling, peel a thin layer to ensure you retain as many nutrients as possible. Choose ones medium in size to enhance both the beauty benefits of parsnips and their taste as large ones often have a musty, woody core. Are you looking for another remedy for dry skin in the cooler months? Browse through Luk Lip Nourishes to find the perfect flavour to nurture dry, chapped lips all year round!

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PRINT this gorgeous 10x15cm beautifood skin food card to keep beauty inspiration at finger tips reach in your kitchen Step 1. Simply click on the skin food image . Step 2. Then right click and choose †˜Save image as’ where it will be a JPEG in whichever folder you choose. Step 3. Open the saved image and print on a postcard size (6†x4†/10cmx15cm) photo paper. Step 4. Send to printer for your gorgeous skin food card! Step 5. Display on your fridge file in a A-Z card box in your kitchen. be delicious.... inside and out
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