Out and About: The Relauncher Expo, Alexandria

[LIFE] To those who haven’t yet met me I’m Lucy, a wellbeing writer embracing an internship with Cindy at lük beautifood. Hi there : )

Last Saturday Aimee and myself headed to Alexandria to attend The Relauncher Expo, an event that brings together the like-minded business owners and bloggers of the expanding beauty, health and wellness industries.

For those unfamiliar with The Relauncher, it is a one-stop Australian destination for all things beautiful and beneficial for the body, mind and soul. The site provides a place to shop for nourishing products or find some inspiring information that will help motivate you to live the healthy life.

The site’s founder Alison Morgan played host to this event, which she held in her stunning home, with fresh flowers and chilled music making for a charming vibe. We mixed and mingled with this collection of beautiful people, chatting and networking while nomming on raw vegan tiramisu and trifle and sipping on a rainbow spectrum of Orchard Street juices.

We were excited to be amongst this kindred group that we knew we could reach out to with a brand and a product they would love. We talked to people about Luk Beautifood and Lip Nourish and in return they told us about what they do and, more importantly, why they do it. It was easy to bond with these women over our personal stories of what lead us to the wellbeing realm of the blogging and business industries (and our shared love of the tiramisu).


After a couple hours of socialising we left the expo with a notebook full of new acquaintances, a goodie bag full of treats and a stomach full of goodness. Quite a lovely way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon. : )


Raw vegan tiramisu and trifle..nom nom..

Raw vegan tiramisu and trifle..nom nom..

The quaint way to drink water :)

The quaint way to drink water : )


Bags of goodies

Bags of goodies

Goodie bags make the gals smile :)

Goodie bags make the gals smile : )

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