monday motivation – what was I thinking!

It’s early, chilly and I am sitting at the pool typing this whilst my kids do swim lessons, then we are off to the pictures to kick off the school hols.

What ever made me think I was going to be so well organised at work on the last day of the financial year that made me think I could do these family activities! We have a clearance sale going on and stock needs counting – the back end of a business at this time of year is rather hectic to say the least.

So today’s monday motivation post tickled my fancy – ‘Come let’s us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things’

Hope you have some time to enjoy what ever stage of life you are in – every day passes quickly so make the most of the little things. We are all truly privileged to be doing what we do.


Cindy x


image source: two add two – a simple life via Pinterest

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