Monday Motivation – change

We sadly said goodbye to our chickens last week which strangely makes todays monday motivation about the importance of change.

We have had various hens and enjoyed home grown organic eggs for the last 3 years but after the last few months I said ‘enough’ is enough’ – and so they have flown the coup….to a resort-style home at that!

With out going into detail – Emma our eldest chook hen pecked the younger 4 and so they grew wings and would never stay in their pen, choosing instead to roam the lane we live in (no fences) and begin their day by pecking my window and squawking to get me out of bed to feed them…7 days a weeks! So with chook poo continually needing to be removed from the verandah and a garden ‘scratched’ beyond repair …I gave up.

NO MORE CHOOKS! It was that simple.

We’d tried various methods to keep them in but it aways failed and then I thought – we’ll miss the eggs BUT I want peace and less to do.

And that was that. No guilt. No agony making the decision. I just did it. We can always have a break and get some more another season.

But for now I feel fabulous with my change. Ciara my 6 year old was upset as we handed them over….but that was short lived.

What is getting on your nerve that you really need to ‘nip-in-the-bud’ and make a change to?

Have a great week filled with change!

Cindy x

PS – we are missing collecting the delicious rich golden eggs!



My ‘girls’ who will be missed.

Featured image source:  Pinterest via Burnett’s Boards

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