Monday Motivation ~ Move it!

With short winter days do you find the wheels fall off your exercise routine and feel none the happier for it?

That’s what happened to me this year. I don’t jump on the scales …..but I know, I am more cuddly and um frustrated because I don’t have my daily routine of fresh-air and back to nature me-time.

The problem is we try and fit the same amount of stuff we do in one ‘summer time’ day into a day that is up to 3 hrs shorter in day light and if you are like me and exercise outdoors ….then something has to give.

During day light saving everything runs along swimmingly…I get up early with the sun and whilst hubstar is still at home (little kids need someone at home) I escape most mornings for 30 minutes to walk, or ride my bike. But somehow with the darker winter mornings I still get up with the sun but um…that can be 1.5 hrs later. And da da…no exercise, not even a stretch or a salute to the sun.


So now that this awareness has struck me – I am making changes. Starting tomorrow I am going to get up at 6.15 and do 20 mins stretches, squats and hand weights in the middle of the lounge, then I shall go for the world’s fastest sprint around the block on my bike before hubby leaves at 7am.

Sounds like a plan!

What about you, how do you make your exercise work in winter if you don’t like gyms?

Today’s motivation is without doubt….  ‘Move it Monday’!

Have a beauty-ful week.

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