Monday Motivation: Make goals that feel good

In the midst of preparing to give lük a little brand refresh (looking sooo pretty behind the scenes!), website update and a gazillion other things that have been going on in my busy (but rewarding!) life, I find it so important that I keep checking in with my vision  to ensure I stay on track and I remain in alignment with my feelings.

I learnt how to do this in my mid 20’s in my first business via a couple of different ways and have now used it for more than 20 years.  Firstly with Mindshop – a simple 1 page plan NOW-WHERE-HOW.  It was all about how I wanted to feel…my ‘feeling’  was to be in a ‘Position of Choice’ (which was quantified) so I gave myself 5 years to get there. I still remember the day my little team reached our $5million turnover in 5 years (selling gourmet biscuits in case you are new to my blog) like it was yesterday. The Champagne cork is still in my drawer. I will never forget the buzz (& not without stress!) of the journey and reaching the goal, it was so powerful.

The second way I did this was by building ‘feeling’ into the way everyone in my little team worked. It was not just What each person did but How they did it. This meant that feelings were fundamental to everything that was done and performance was assessed on this. It worked like magic.

I can see now that there are several people online using variations of this thinking that you can use as an individual rather than a business owner, one in particular is Danielle LaPorte’s desire mapping ethos which is all about creating goals that feel good as opposed to just look good.’

That means conceptualising the FEELING before the goal itself. Isn’t that an interesting way to go about things natural beauties? But it works! If I give an example of when starting luk beautifood –  I asked myself what I wanted to FEEL – I wanted another business (I missed the energy) I wanted to still have time with family, I wanted to have the ultimate work life balance, I wanted to create a conscious social movement that inspired women to feel naturally beautiful, to radiate beauty from the inside out, to make healthier choices, to take care of their bodies, families and those they love and appreciate not to mention rid themselves of all the toxins that exist around us. This is how I live, this is what makes me happy and whole, and so I feel inspired to guide others on the same path.

I also wanted to provide a destination for women to receive some sort of respite and of course inspiration, be it in the healthy, delicious recipes I provide or through food science de-constructed in my guides. I’m on track with my goals, save for my timing being way out!!! and a few pitfalls along the way (which is what makes us all human!).

What if, first, we got clear on how we actually wanted to feel in our life, and then we laid out our intentions? What if your most desired feelings consciously informed how you plan your day, your year, your career, your holidays, your life? – Danielle LaPorte

When you’re exploring possible goals, you need to unleash your imagination and ambition, put your reservations aside, and dream big. However, it’s just as important to ensure your envisioning goals that you know are going to make you smile, make you feel whole, make you feel connected to your soul’s purpose, and not just appear grandiose or wondrous on the outside. The moment we truly connect with our core feelings suddenly the possibilities become infinite and we may realise that the original goals we set about to achieve aren’t actually what we truly want.

I’m not telling you to go throw out everything you’ve already planned for yourself, nor am I telling you leave your job and go set up shop in Hawaii (although if that’s what you truly want to do – go for it!)! I’m simply telling you to have a think about what sets your heart and soul on fire, and make plans accordingly to cultivate this kind of lifestyle for yourself. Do you want to feel more financially secure? Do you want to feel like you have more freedom? Do you want to feel appreciated and heard? Do you want to feel like you are on one great big adventure? Do you want to feel like you are bursting with energy and inspiring all those around you? This might mean you need to make a few simple tweaks here and there, or that you might to need to add a few extra goals to your list.

Some people – family, friends, or even your boss – may want to influence the goals you set. Perhaps they feel that they know what’s best for you, or maybe they want you to take a certain path or do certain things. What’s important is that you stick to what you know best, based on how you want to wake up every day feeling.

You will do much less proving, and way more living.

It takes time to accomplish goals and sometimes it can feel that you aren’t making much progress. This is why it’s important to take stock of everything that you’ve accomplished on a regular basis like I do. Set small sub-goals, celebrate your successes, and analyse what you need to do to keep moving forward. Today is a new month, and perfect for making a new set of goals.

And don’t forget, no matter how slow things seem, you probably are making progress so keep going!  I do hope this post helps you to…. feel your way!

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Tell me natural beauties, do you agree that it’s important to set goals based on FEELINGS before anything else? Leave a comment x