monday motivation – colour yourself beautiful with 100% Pure fruit pigmented makeup

Colour. Isn’t it wonderfully expressive? It affects your mood creating a look and a feel like nothing else can.

Colour reveals who you are: from the clothes you wear to the food you eat… hands up who feels energised just looking at a green smoothie or salad?

Every day we are influenced by our colour choices.  What colour looks good on you? Have you noticed you get a compliment when you wear certain clothes? Does your skin have red or yellow tones. Do you look prettier in a coral or plum your lips? Is it summer or winter – do you feel energetic or sultry?

I had my ‘colours’ done years ago, it helps me select makeup and clothing that feels and looks good on me.

Makeup is about colour and ‘creating’ a look – much like an artist can create a picture with his brush and palette.

At luk our ‘picture’ or look is simply about helping you create a healthy naked glow. An understated, natural, pretty and wearable look.

We just have Nude hues – peachy apricots, soft taupes, rosy plums for lips, cheeks, eyes and nails.

The products in our shop are our own Luk beautifood range of Lip Nourish – 100% natural sheer lipstick and we stock the health-food-for-your-skin US brand 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented makeup.

I have hand selected the perfect palette to reflect radiance on your skin to create an enviable natural, soft glow.  That healthy, outdoorsy, confident, naturally beautiful look.

We love soft cheeks, nude eyes that pop and flattering lustrous lips….not to mention neutral nails.

Colour yourself beautiful and be delicious inside and out!

Have a fabulous week. x


 Cindy Luken

 Picture collage made from Pinterest images on our Rose Taupe board





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