monday motivation – beautiful inside & out

 Beauty is more than skin deep. It is about the whole you.

Be bold enough to follow your dreams, believe in yourself and bare your confidence.  This is what truly beautiful women do.

Try to make under not make up, take the time to nourish your body inside & out with clean, simple foods and see how you will glow.

Unplug and smell the roses (if they were in season!) – get creative to switch off and learn to live in balance.

This month I really want you to try and use less makeup and bodycare products. Whether it be ditching your traditional foundation or swapping to 100% Pure makeup. I’d love you to get in touch with how you feel with less (of everything!). Let me know how you go.

I hope you are surprised because barefaced beauties don’t ask for attention…… you just get it and with it comes a massive boost of self worth!

Be a natural beauty. x

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Image source for monday motivation: Consider this Hippie via Pinterest

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