Monday motivation – live your life forget your age

Good morning natural beauties!

It’s Monday and the kids are back at school tomorrow. Woohoo!

This week’s monday motivation quote is about age and living your best life.

Have you noticed we seem to be shaped by our age – it acts as a reference point on what we do, how we look and how we feel….that is if you let it!

Why not live each day and year as you want? Do what feels right for you. Attitude is what really shapes our life.

It was my 47th birthday last weekend. Yes, I can’t believe it either, but hubstar and I found ourselves childless over the Easter weekend, my mum had our little ones.

So what did we do?

Something different and spontaneous!

Instead of lazing around we rose early and went on a long, exhilarating (road) bike ride over Sydney Harbour Bridge and had breakfast out, popped in unannounced at friends and indulged (surprise for me) that evening in an Easter wild mushroom feast at an intimate yet rustic spot called Pasta Emilia’s Laboratorio in Surry Hills.

Sounds simple, like we do it all the time but being parents of young ones (not young parents!) it is near impossible.

What sort of things do you do that are unexpected and you enjoy the most?

‘Live your life and forget your age’.  Your true beauty will radiate, promise.

Have a fabulous week.

be delicious… inside and out


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PS – I could not resist sharing this picture of us at the Royal Easter Show last week…’s a scream…we sure did forgot our age!

motivation - live your life not your age

Monday motivational quote ….Live your life and forget  your age




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