Lee Holmes' Heal Your Gut - her new book

Lee Holmes new e-book ‘Heal Your Gut’ is not just a book for those with gut related illnesses. It’s for anyone who wants more energy, glowing skin, less brain fog and better moods…which I’m guessing is pretty much all of us?

In ‘Heal Your Gut’ you will find simple ways to heal, protect and nourish your body through her comprehensive four-week protocol including recipes, tips and tricks.

Lee Holmes’ ‘Heal your Gut’ presents game changing information in a way that is both easy and interesting to read as Lee explains how the gut directly influences the rest of the body including your immune system, brain and skin, something we here at Luk Beautifood are huge advocates of.

Your digestive health is imperative for the rest of the body to function at its best. Things like processed food, antibiotics, sugar, gluten and toxins all create an imbalance in gut flora which not only manifest as disease on the inside but also as dull or congested skin, lacklustre hair and weak nails on the outside.

I love the quirky drawing she uses and simple ways to help you, such as this quick test:

Test for yeasts in your body - Lee Holmes

The absolute stand out for me was the four-week protocol or ‘healing program’ that guides you step-by-step on how to heal and rebalance your gut. Lee holds your hand through the four weeks, addressing the body as a whole. Phase one deals with how to heal the intestinal wall, phase two guides you through detoxing your body, phase three focuses on a balanced diet and phase four is about detoxing your life from the outside in.

There are 59 healing recipes, many come from her success printed book “Eat Yourself Beautiful”.

The content page alone shows you the level of detail Lee has gone to to write this book.

Lee Homes Heal your gut

lee holmes - heal your gut

Lee has previously suffered from an autoimmune disease, which after a long, painful journey cured herself through healing her gut and nurturing her body inside and out. Lee recalls these personal experiences throughout the book, which helped to bring the whole process closer to home and more achievable and was perfectly balanced with well-researched medical and scientific references, whichbeing a food scientist myself was important to me!

‘Heal your Gut’ will eliminate any confusion you had about how you should be nourishing your body and set the record straight.

Download it today from Lee’s Supercharged website for $18 to take control of your health and beauty wellbeing and see + feel the difference immediately!

Or, why not WIN WIN WIN a copy. Enter into comments at the bottom of this page in ” leave a reply’, what your fave lip nourish is and why and I will select the 5 winners. Closes 22nd August 2014, 5pm.

Enjoy! xx

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