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How To Eat Clean – Top 10 Principles of Clean Eating

clean eating

Clean eating is the foundation of natural beauty. It’s about eliminating or reducing the toxins your body is exposed to through the foods you eat and apply to your body.

I know that clean eating can be hard. Unless you keep at it every day and really appreciate the natural good it’s doing for your body and your skin (and it really does a whole world of good!), it’s easy to fall off track and eat something greasy.

So whether you’re new to clean eating or a practiced green eating machine, as long as you’re willing to make some changes, clean eating can be easy (and delicious).

That’s why I’ve put together this list of my top 10 principles of clean eating.

How To Eat Clean – Top 10 Principles of Clean Eating

1. Don’t eat processed food containing preservatives, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours, modifiers, enhancers or trans fats.

2. Eat more veggies than meat.

3. Eat more raw than cooked.

4. Eat organic when possible.

5. Incorporate probiotic foods into your everyday diet.

6. Eat nuts, seeds and non-wheat grains (prepared properly).

7. Reduce dairy intake and experiment with nut milks.

8. Reduce your caffeine intake to a maximum of 2 caffeinated drinks per day.

9. Limit alcohol to the weekend or special occasions.

10. Sip water with a squeeze of lemon or lime.

And finally, do NOT stress over what you can and can’t eat, it is just as bad for you as having that extra glass of wine or handful of chips! Do what you can and take each day one step at a time. It’s all a journey!

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Why Eat Clean?

~ makes you glow and go
~ eliminates toxins from your body
~ you benefit from the intrinsic goodness found in whole foods
~ minimises processing
~ reduces wastage
~ better for the environment
~ not dieting but keeps you trim and toned

By eating clean you are eliminating anything that can ‘dirty’ your beautiful body and affect how it works. Chemicals from processed foods will build up in your body can be seen and felt inside and out: inflammation causing red, sagging and puffy skin to free radicals attacking your skin cells and causing premature ageing. From a health perspective we’re talking about high blood pressure, inflamed liver, auto-immune disease, weight gain and even mood swings…

So clean food is about nourishing your beautiful body with delicious, nutritious wholesome foods that make you feel good. Think grass fed meats, complex carbs like grains, fruit, vegetables, salad, nuts and seeds and healthy fats. Think filtered water, DIY juices and organic everything!

Here are two resources I’ve put together all about organising your new clean eating routine:

Download our clean eating pantry list – Print this out and stick it up on the inside of your pantry door, or put it on the fridge. When writing your shopping list make sure you refer to this list. It’ll make it that little bit easier to stick to your clean eating goals. Don’t be put off be some of these ingredients – it’s a thorough list to help you when meal planning & shopping. You can find them in your supermarket, health food or specialty store. Wherever possible try and buy organic… We all know how much better it is for you!

Or try our 3 Day Beauty Detox – With my ‘3 ways for 3 days beauty cleanse’, I’ll help you reveal your natural beauty and break those bad habits that may have crept in with your busy lifestyle.


Happy Clean Eating xx

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