Natural Beauty Tips

Natural Beauty Tips

At lük beautifood our purpose is to provide you with the recipe for natural beauty.

From nourishing recipes , DIY beauty treatments and the best natural makeup from around world, Luk beautifood is your go-to space for all things natural beauty. We help you to create a healthy glow to feed your inner confidence and give you that illuminated, fresh faced look through what you put in and on your body.

Here you’ll find tips for glowing skin, DIY spa treatments and beauty tutorials using the newest in natural makeup to create the look you want.

We know that your skin is your body’s biggest organ and that over 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body. Now a days, you don’t have to turn to harsh makeup and skincare products that are filled with synthetic fragrances, heavy metal dyes, artificial colours, preservatives, petroleum, plastic fillers and modifiers to get the results you want.

Now there is  a huge range of beautiful products to feed your skin made with pure, nutrient dense ingredients, plant actives and antioxidant rich fruit pigmented makeup that nourish your skin while you wear it, starting with our very own Lip Nourish, the first lipstick of its kind in Australia.

Lip Nourish is a super sheer lipstick available in a menu of 7 natural shades to create a natural healthy glow suited to any skin tone and complexion. It’s designed as an easy-wear colour for all day nourishment with the subtle hint of colour.  Made from real food, our range of Lip Nourish is revolutionising the way we think about makeup. To us, it seemed only natural to make lipstick from ingredients we could eat so you can feed your skin from the outside in.

Find your perfect shade today and start nourishing your skin from the outside in.

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