Green salad

GREEN LEAVES | how to create a salad repertoire

[recipe]  Serves as you like | 10mins wo-to-go

Greens are the most fast and fabulous beauty food and when combined with fruit, vegetables & seeds or cheese they are bursting with flavour and phytonutrients to help your skin look the best.  We all know we need greens daily  – but who has time to make a green smoothie every work day morning? Instead, toss leaves together, add some goodies, drizzle with an oil & a tasty ‘vinegar’ and relax in the evening knowing you will wake with wonderful skin!


Why green? Because it creates gorgeous skin, supercharges your energy and helps to keeps you clean by eliminating waste. Greens – spinach, rocket, parsley, watercress, beet leaves etc are packed with antioxidants to that stop free radicals from causing wrinkle-forming damage to your skin. They are also loaded with vitamins eg Spinach contains A, K & C not to mention minerals such as iron essential for carrying oxygen around your body and producing energy – essential for skin repair and regeneration. Greens also provide stress-fighting B vitamins. If you do things like combining Spinach (iron) with citrus (vitamin C) they will work well together, allowing for optimal nutrient absorption in your body.


This is a non-recipe! It is about you creating a repertoire of salads that go ‘on-the-side’ with whatever you are cooking.

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LITTLE POTS OF CREME BRULEE | guilt-free indulgence

[recipe] Serves min 10 | 10 mins prep + 25min bake + 4hrs cooling time

I don’t believe in missing out and I don’t believe in being miss piggy but sometimes you desire a dessert that’s creamy softness, smooth and sweet – especially if it’s the weekend and you have people over. Rather than getting stressed over a high sugar and high saturated fat level – just work around it. Make your serve size smaller, pop fruit on the side and to be honest you can skip the fiddly brulee part and have a thin nutty wafer bikkie to dip. And if you are still feeling you are breaking your new found mantra – substitute stevia for sugar. What are you waiting for?

BEAUTY BOOST: Um well – lets talk eggs because there is one in every 100ml of liquid in a brulee and they are fabulous little bundles of body beautifying nutrients. The obvious one is powerful protein – it contains all the essential amino acids that help build and repair the muscle and tissue below your skin, the stuff that supports how skin looks and we all know what well toned muscles look like! The yoke  is rich, rich, rich in fat soluble Vitamins A, E and naturally occurring D, lecithin and a spectrum of carotenoid antioxidants including lutein (great for increasing skin’s elasticity), recent research found it to be better bioavailable source than green veggies!  These food actives help neutralize free radicals, preventing damage to your skin.

So get cracking!

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Lima beans, baby roma tomato & basil salad + red wine vinaigrette

SUMMER LIMA SALAD | beans means beauty

[recipe] Serves 4-6 | 3+ hrs wo-to-go dried beans or 10mins wo-to-go canned beans 

A simple & beautiful salad of lima beans (often called butter beans because of their creamy texture and colour), ripe tomatoes and fresh basil leaves.

I am not sure why I don’t use ‘pulses’ more in my cooking, but I suspect it revolves around forming habits!  I am making a concerted effort to include pulses like lima beans and chickpeas in my weekly repertoire because they are packed with beauty-boosting goodness.

BEAUTY BOOST: Lima beans contain the lesser know trace mineral molybdenum, essential for synthesizing DNA – your cells genetic makeup, play a key role in enzymatic de-toxifying of cells and is a good source of B vitamins thiamin and folate which help cells make energy.  Their iron content (25% RDI in one cup) helps transfer oxygen into your cells & their high fibre content helps absorbs and facilitate quick removal of waste, both contributing to a brighter complexion. They contain trace mineral & antioxidant manganese which helps fight free radicals that can damage the skin, trigger inflammation and affect your complexion – and not in a good way!

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