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6 Cold Pressed Juices for Super Skin Nourishment

Our  juices are deliciously flavoured, nutritionally designed and cold pressed to retain their active nutrients and enzymes. Beauty-boosting juices are a fast track to clear, glowing skin, more energy and a lighter, brighter feeling from the inside out.

Great along side our famous Breakfast Beauty Bar, here are our 5 signature cold pressed beauty juices you can try at home:

 Antioxidant boost

The Antioxidant Boost juice is an age defying super juice! Its ingredients will provide you the antioxidant boost your skins needs to brighten complexion and help improve wrinkles and fine lines. Raspberries are one of the top foods to help to fight blemishes and breakouts.  This provides an additional benefits to ensure your natural beauty shines throughout the day!

Orange – Vitamin C improves skin texture, tightening your complexion

Pomegranate – Ellagic acid to help repair skin and reduce wrinkles

Raspberry – Rich in antioxidants to fight free radicals

Turmeric – Potent anti-inflammatory, brightens and calms skin by decreasing skin puffiness and redness


Give your body a mini detox with this delicious rich juice filled with detoxifying ingredients like beetroot and lemon.  Helping to cleanse and rejuvenate your body, our Detox juice will give you the perfect start to your day.  The inclusion of apple also helps to protect your skin throughout the day from the suns damaging UV rays, keeping it smooth and bright while antioxidants in beetroot decrease redness and puffiness within your complexion.

Apple – High fibre aids digestion and removal of toxins

Beetroot – Detoxifies the skin by eliminating impurities via the liver

Ginger – Antioxidants neutralise damaging free radicals

Lemon – Strengthens skin cells, smoothing your complexion

Immunity kick

If you’re feeling exhausted and lethargic at the end of a working day, the Immunity Kick may be just what you need. When your body becomes run down it is more susceptible to getting sick – it is even more important if you are getting sick to stop the illness before it progresses…  This Immunity Kick will not only boost your immune system, it will also help to boost energy levels to keep you feeling your best inside and out.  The presence of ginger is the perfect touch with its high anti inflammatory properties.  Inflammation can increase when our body focuses on fighting off bacteria or viruses, ginger helps to protect your body and keep inflammation within you complexion at a minimum.

Apple –  You know what they say ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away!’  plus gives a great vitamin C boost

Lemon – Antioxidant Vitamin C protects the bodys cells

Ginger – Eases headaches and sore throats

Cayenne – Immediate metabolism booster, also great for sore throats and irritating coughs

 Glow and go Green Smoothie

Our Glow + Go smoothie is most loved and best-selling juice.  Not only will give you a natural boost in energy to kick start your day, this smoothie also works to give you a healthy natural glow on the outside.  This juice is the perfect option for a busy morning when both you and your skin need a little pick-me-up.  The presence of chlorophyll helps to neutralise acids in your body and bring it back alkaline, helping to maintain balance.  It also boosts oxygen levels in your blood ensuring all your cells are nourished, while creating an energised and fresh feeling within.

Avocado – Luscious lipids with vitamin E to replenish moisture

Banana – Sustained energy boost

Coconut water – Natural electrolytes for a day on the go

Kale – Vitamin A to enhance skin tone and smoothness

Cucumber – Helps eliminate toxins for a radiant complexion

Lime – Vitamin C makes collagen and elastin

Mesclun – Chlorophyll to oxygenate and energise the body

Pineapple – Enzyme bromelain keeps the immune system in top shape

Super skin milk

This Super Skin Milk does exactly as the name suggests.  Delicious and moisturising, this pressed almond milk is the perfect addition to any breakfast and will help your skin maintain moisture and elasticity as well as reduce fine lines leaving it feeling smooth and soft for a flawless complexion.  The presence of vitamin E in almonds helps to promote tissue rejuvenation and healthy repair, creating a fresh and bright complexion.  It also helps to heal cracked lips or dry spots within your appearance.

Almonds – Maintain skin elasticity for smooth, soft dewy skin

Cardamom – Eliminates wastes which can cause dryness

Cinnamon – Encourages tight and smooth skin for a youthful complexion

Dates – Iron helps to provide oxygen to our cells creating a radiant complexion

Water – Hydrates and plumps skin cells

Nutmeg – Reduces acne for clear skin

Sea salt – Aids the removal of toxins from cells for fresh, bright skin

Vanilla bean – Helps smooth fine lines for a youthful appearance


Which one will be your favourite!?

cold pressed juices, beauty juice, cleanse



lük breakfast beauty bar recipe

lük Breakfast Beauty Bar

[RECIPE] 15 Serves | 45mins go-to-wo | VEG WF DF (NF)

Delicious and easy-to-eat on the go this breakfast beauty bar contains essential beauty nutrients: omega 3 to fight inflammation & moisturise skin, essential amino acids for cell regeneration, vitamins, minerals & of course fibre to help nutrient absorption and remove toxins. I created the recipe for the lük beautifood bar at the Growers Market, they were well received so we will make them every month! Obviously it had to be low sugar and most importantly I did not want it to taste like bird food.

Teamed with a lük Glow+Go Green Smoothie (add a spoon of yoghurt for probiotics & an egg for complete protein) and you have the perfect start to the day.

If you bake them at the beginning of the week and wrap up little bundles you’ll have something to grab as you run out the door. They are handy for breakfast, to fill kids lunch boxes or to snack on.


So many skin loving goodies packed into one delicious bar. Wholegrains contain B vitamins that are required for every aspect of metabolism in your skin, without them your complexion will have a dull appearance as the skin cells can’t regenerate quickly. The seeds and nuts contain skin vital essential fatty acids (esp. harder-to-get omega 3) and key beauty mineral antioxidants (zinc, magnesium, calcium & selenium) and vitamin E. Shredded coconut and coconut oil provide a super skin moisturising boost and anti microbial benefits.


Organic if you can:

1/2 cup oats – quick

1/4 cup flaxseeds

1/4 cup chia seeds

1/4 cup sesame seeds

1/4 cup pumpkin seeds

1/4 cup sunflower seeds

1/4 cup poppy seeds

1/2 cup shredded coconut

1/4 cup coconut – fine

1/2 cup ground nuts (eg almond, walnuts or brazil nuts) or a flour eg organic spelt flour

1/3 sugar (panela or rapadura – evaporated unrefined cane juice)

1/2 tspn baking soda

1/2 tspn salt flakes (crushed Maldon or Murray River)

zest of 1/2 lemon

1 tspn cinnamon

8-10 medjool dates – chopped (optional)

1/2 cup chopped almonds (optional)

1 egg

1/3 cup coconut oil


  1. Add dry ingredients to bowl. Mix well – use a big balloon whisk. Ensure dates are separated and coated in the dry mix.
  2. Add whisked egg and (melted) oil. Stir / cut through with a knife for several minutes til well combined – every bits and piece will be well coated and it almost clumps together in your hand. This step is important.
  3. Line ‘lamington tin’ ( 9″ x 13”) with unbleached baking paper and empty in mix.
  4. Spread mix evenly and firmly press down and into the tin. The surface will be smooth and firm. I use a flat pastry scraper to flatten out and compress the mix.
  5. Cook for 20-30 minutes on 170C or until surface is golden brown. Check cooking half way thru and turn tray if necessary – ie you may have hot spots in your oven.
  6. Cool slightly, cut the slice into bar size portions. Note it will seem a bit ‘crumbly but just press/poke back into shape – it will firm up on cooling. Leave in tin to cool.
  7. Once cool go over the cuts to ensure they are clean so you have individual pieces.
  8. Store in an airtight tub upto a 3 weeks.


  • If you don’t have all the ingredients, don’t despair – mix and match. Eg Swap the oil or seeds or nuts
  • For school lunch boxes – omit the nuts 🙁
  • Pre-wrap the bars in unbleached baking paper and pop on a sticker so the family can ‘grab and go’ – it makes them extra special.
Mixing the ingredients in the lük bar

fabulous mix of nutrient rich nuts and seeds

lük beauty breakfast bar

pressed firmly into the tray

Serving the Breakfast Beautifood Bar by the slice

Serving our Breakfast Beauty Bar by the slice

be delicious lower case

beauty benefits of eating raw clean food luk beautifood

Beauty Benefits of Eating Raw

You don’t need to undertake a fully raw lifestyle to reap the benefits of eating raw! Here we go deeper to find out what eating raw and how it can help you achieve that natural glow…

At lük we encourage you to nourish your body with beautiful food both raw and cooked to enhance your natural beauty. Balance and moderation is key to a healthy life, ‘crowding in’ and ‘swapping up’ the foods you eat underlies our eating philosophy. Eating raw doesn’t mean you have to change your mindset or diet completely to enjoy the benefits… but a raw food at every meal will provide your body with gorgeous benefits!

What is raw food?

Food that is raw! Meaning it has not been heated over 45  degrees Celsius to ensure the enzymes are not denatured meaning a loss in nutritional value. Raw food can be wholefoods and produce such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and oils which are eaten in their natural state. It can also be for example ‘raw’ crackers or dehydrated foods providing the temperature is control.  Raw food is also free from additives, preservatives, refined sugars and added fats and can include fresh juices, smoothies, nut milks or butters, soups, salads and sprouted grains.

What are the benefits of eating raw?

Raw foods are rich in enzymes which help our body to digest what we’re eating, convert it to energy, absorb nutrients and put them to use! Enzymes also work to make sure the processes in the body are running smoothly and ensure cells are repaired, meaning hair, skin and nails are kept strong and healthy. Eating raw food also aids the digestive system as a higher number of enzymes help break down the food, putting less pressure on your digestive system so energy can be spent elsewhere.

Eating ‘raw’ can help to flush toxins from your body by cleansing your cells in such a way your body is able to effectively fight against free radicals and repair any damage. By reducing the number of toxins your body to focus its energy on other things such as supporting your immune system or giving you focus and energy while maintaining and enhancing your natural beauty.

Not only does reducing the toxin load help your immune system, but the intake of a variety of vitamins and minerals from the fresh fruit and vegetables also helps to keep your immune system in tip top shape!  Eating food in its raw state means the chances of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals being destroyed is lower.  This reduces the chances of you becoming sick as your body is able to fight and destroy illnesses before they begin to show symptoms.

Eating ‘raw’ ensures you boost your fruit and vegetable intake helping you to increase your nutrients and receive a variety of vitamins, minerals and important beauty nutrients

Some key beauty nutrients include silicon, zinc, sulfur, iron and potassium.  Silicon allows strong, shiny nails as well as stronger hair.  Zinc helps to ward away acne while also helping to rebuild collagen in the skin, to fight sagging and wrinkles while potassium helps to maintain correct levels of moisture in the skin, allowing cells to stay plump and hydrated while creating a smooth complexion.

Eating raw food can boost your energy and fuel your cells which in turn creates a better gut health and a clear complexion so you can look and feel your best.  The abundance and variety of fresh fruit and vegetables helps to maintain the alkalinity of your body to prevent inflammation.

Ways to boost your raw food intake

Eating raw doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact it can actually make healthy eating easier.  Here are a few quick ways to include raw food into your diet:

  • Drink Green smoothies – Try our Luk Glow + Go green smoothie which is full of fresh ingredients and a boost of active beauty nutrients!
  • Make Salads and Nourishment Bowls – Whether as a side or as a main meal salads are a great way to include raw foods into your diet, like our Thai style raw zucchini noodles for a quick and simple, delicious dish.
  • Drink Nut Milks – Nut milks are a delicious, simple way to incorporate skin loving nutrients and added vitamins to you diet. Add exotic spices for a luxurious guilt-free treat and be sure to try our Super Skin Milk with almonds, pear, lemon and turmeric for a refreshing pick me up.
  • Create yummy raw treats – Start experimenting with delicious raw desserts which are still high in nutrients and enzymes to nourish your body, like our raw blood orange cheesecake recipe.
The gorgeous Lee Holmes

She’s Delicious Interview with Lee Holmes of

Introducing health coach, yoga teacher, author, blogger and all-round wellness goddess- Lee Holmes, founder of Supercharged Food. When we met with her at Watson Bay’s Dunbar House, Lee was glowing from the inside out, this is a woman who lives and breathes health in the most holistic way possible.

Read on to find out how Lee built Supercharged Food from the ground up, how she nourishes her body and soul, and how her new upcoming yoga movement will take Australia by storm. There’s not much that this girl can’t do.

Lee at the Farmers' Markets

Award winning author & blogger Lee Holmes at the Farmers’ Markets



What was your driving motivation to create Supercharged Food?

The Supercharged blog began roughly three years ago when I found myself in hospital and basically unable to function properly. I had gotten to the point of being so sick that I just couldn’t get out of bed anymore. I was absolutely exhausted all the time, I thought I had chronic fatigue but I tried to push through it, like many women do, we think we’re invincible!

In hospital I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and they put me on a cocktail of drugs; immuno suppressants, anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-cancer drugs and a lot of steroids. The drugs weren’t working; in fact they were making me feel worse, so I slowly weaned myself off them and decided I was going to use food as my medicine.

I started researching different healing ingredients and travelling overseas to learn more and more. When I came back I started creating recipes using the ingredients I had learnt about, and they were so popular, everyone wanted them so I created a website where everyone could have access to them, and it evolved from there!

Tell us about your work in improving the food in public hospitals and why you are so passionate about it? How can we help?

During my time in hospital I was astonished at the food they served. It was high in sugar, salt and preservatives and was so processed I couldn’t believe it. At the moment, the system relies on friends and family to bring patients fresh food but it’s hard enough already for those who have a loved one in hospital let alone having to prepare food and bring it to them, so I started a petition to lobby for change within the NSW government, which you can sign here. I challenged the minister of health to eat hospital food for a few days she didn’t take me up on the challenge but as a result of the petition is rolling out a new hospital menu in selected hospitals across NSW.

Tell us about your new book ‘Eat Yourself Beautiful’?

‘Eat Yourself Beautiful’ is my third book and it focuses on delicious recipes made with anti-inflammatory ingredients. All of the recipes are sugar-free, gluten-free, and yeast-free and many are dairy free.

I was inspired to create a book based on eating an anti-inflammatory diet because of the amazing effect it has had on my own body. My skin is glowing, my hair is thicker and my eyes are whiter. In terms of beauty, an anti-inflammatory, nutrient rich diet is the way to go.

What is your business philosophy?

I feel that your business philosophy is not set in stone, it changes as you and your business grows. My philosophy at the moment is to keep following my passion and as long as I’m still enjoying it and being inspiring to others I’ll continue to do it.

The other philosophy for me and my advice to others is to make gradual, small changes and steps towards your goal. Take one day at a time; if you just do little things towards your business, one thing every day, then you’ll reach your milestone.

Have you got any tips on maintaining a †˜work life balance’?

For me having a routine is really important. In the morning I’ll get up and have a hot water with lemon and do some yoga poses to come into my body and clear my mind for the day ahead. I find that this little routine gives me energy and focus.

At night I meditate to clear my mind and write a to do list for the next day so I don’t lose sleep stressing and I can wake up fresh and ready for the day.

For others wanting to improve their work life balance I encourage them to create a routine for yourself and also to practice meditation [alternate nostril breathing is a great way to start!]


What is your daily beauty and skin care regime?

In the mornings I’ll do a dry body brush then jump into the shower. After my shower I’ll put rose hip oil on my face and coconut oil all over my body.

Instead of perfume I have some essential oils that I put on my neck, and then finish with my favourite lip nourish – the NUDE –  vanilla and cinnamon (which my daughter always steals because she loves it so much too!)

What is your best kept beauty secret?

I make up a little mixture of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar that I dab on my age spots and any dark spots from the sun to fade them. It absolutely works.

How do you nourish your body from the inside to keep yourself looking so gorgeous on the outside?

I do it by eating a clean, anti-inflammatory diet filled with real, mostly organic food. Good fats are also an important part of my diet like coconut oil, krill oil, olive oil and sardines as I find they give my skin a beautiful, natural glow.

I also do a yoga routine that energises the body from the inside out and makes my skin appear fresh and ‘blushed’.


What is your food philosophy?

My food philosophy is to eat organic food as close to its natural state as possible and eating local produce to support local farmers.

I also think it’s important to celebrate and appreciate your food by sitting down at the table, savouring each bite and enjoying food as an experience.

So through your Health Coaching how do you get people to apply these philosophies to their daily lives?

The way that I do that as a Certified Health Coach, is I give them a couple of little things to do every day. The client and I will put a plan together and we do everything gradually, one step at a time.

So for example, it might be starting your day with a hot water and lemon and then having a green juice every other day and we build on that. Once they start to feel the positive changes and see the physical benefits, people tend to get motivated by themselves to do more and more and they become open to making bigger changes.

Describe your day on a plate for us?

When I wake up I have a hot water and lemon and then a green juice after yoga which usually has spinach or kale, celery, mint, cucumber, coconut water and a green powder. For days that I need extra energy I’ll add nut milk or coconut oil. I tend to have a light breakfast and not eat until lunch time because it gives my body the chance to heal and cleanse itself. That’s what I do but it’s not for everyone, everyone is different.

If I’m hungry before lunch time I’ll have sardines and then for lunch I’ll have some left over’s from the night before or some stir fried veg, salad or fish.

For dinner I have some sort of grass fed lamb or slow cooked meal that I’ve made during the day with vegetables. I always eat dinner before 7 pm.

What are your top three †˜can’t’ live without’ ingredients when you cook and why?

  1. Garlic
  2. Kale- I’m obsessed with kale
  3. Herbs- for flavour

My ‘can’t live without meals’ are avocado and sardines on chia and flaxseed loaf, slow cooked lamb shanks and my shepherd’s pie with cauliflower mash.

Can you share with us your favourite †˜skin loving’ recipe?

Yes of course! Here is the recipe for my amazing cranberry and walnut granola:


300 g (101/2 oz/11/2 cups) quinoa or brown rice flakes
90 g (31/4 oz/3/4 cup) chopped walnuts
75 g (21/2 oz/1/2 cup) dried cranberries
3 tablespoons sunflower seeds
2 tablespoons pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
2 tablespoons almond flakes
1 tablespoon flaxseeds
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg
60 ml (2 fl oz/1/4 cup) coconut oil
60 ml (2 fl oz/1/4 cup) rice malt syrup, or sweetener of your choice
1/2 teaspoon alcohol-free vanilla extract
15 g (1/2 oz/1/4 cup) coconut flakes
almond milk, to serve


Preheat the oven to 180°C (350°F/Gas 4) and line a baking tray with baking paper.

  1. Combine the quinoa, walnuts, cranberries, sunflower seeds, pepitas, almond flakes, flaxseeds, cinnamon and nutmeg in a bowl and mix well to combine.
  2. Place the coconut oil in a saucepan over medium heat and heat until it has melted. Add the rice malt syrup and vanilla and stir for 30 seconds. Remove from the heat.
  3. Pour the liquid mixture over the dry ingredients and stir well, ensuring the dry ingredients are coated thoroughly.
  4. Transfer the granola to the baking tray in a single layer, then cook in the oven for 20 minutes, stirring frequently and breaking up any clumps that form. Remove from the oven, add the coconut flakes, and bake for a further 5 minutes.
  5. Remove from the oven and cool.

To serve, place in a bowl and top with almond milk. It also tastes great on its own.
This granola keeps for 4 weeks in an airtight container in a cool dry place.

Lee's delicious cranberry and walnut granola

Lee’s delicious cranberry and walnut granola


Visit the bookshelf to read more about my recipe books.


What is happiness to you?

At the moment, happiness to me is having peace of mind and clarity.

What is the best advice you have ever been given and how do you live it?

To never stop having the ability to believe in yourself and be inspired by others. Don’t give up after the first time you get knocked back, keep on trying and keep on believing in yourself. I believe you can always get to where you want to be, you just have to find ways to get there because it may not always be the straight and narrow, and it could be the scenic route!

This has not been advice, this is something that I have learnt from myself from when I was in hospital thinking that my life was over but I overcame that through self-belief.

What is your personal Monday morning mantra?

‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’

I say to myself that I can’t do everything; I’m just going to take small steps to get to where I need to be and do it brick by brick.

What’s next for Supercharged Food?

For me personally, I’m creating my own yoga movement which is going to be yoga for older people because I feel we are a very ageist society and we don’t look after our elderly. I’m calling it ‘foga’ – yoga for fogies!

I’ll be working with Seniors Week and at all the age care homes and rehabilitation centres to create a community using yoga to get people socialising, moving their bodies, getting their blood circulating and getting them meditating. Part of the program will incorporate old school music in class so it’s going to be a really community focused movement and I’ll be taking it all over Australia.

I’ve also got another 3 books coming out this year and between all of that I’m going to India in June to further my studies in Ayurvedic medicine!


The gorgeous Lee Holmes

The gorgeous Lee Holmes

Supercharged Food is THE go to website for health and wellness and is currently the 2013 BUPA health influencer blog of the year! So if you want to learn how nutrition and lifestyle can make you look and feel amazing, or you’ve been running low on energy or unwell, be sure to visit Supercharged Food and follow Lee on Facebook– you’ll find a range of super healthy recipes to suit all tastes, researched articles on the latest health trends, weekly food planners as well as competitions and reviews of the latest health and wellness products.

She's delicious logo for luk beautifood



Natural Beauty Interview with Michele Chevalley Hedge of

When it comes to all things food, health and wellness Michele Chevalley Hedge is your lady.  For the past 10 years, Michele has dedicated her career and studies to nutrition and is now one of Australia’s most highly regarded nutritionists, health writers and presenters.

Known as the ‘Modern Nutritionist’ Michele runs her own Sydney based practice ‘A Healthy View’ where she teaches that good nutrition is the key to vitality, balanced hormones,  disease prevention and optimal physical and mental health.  Her infectious passion and love for health will have you inspired to ditch the high sugar, high processed junk and opt for wholesome, clean eating – the easy way [ as a mother of three and the owner of her own business, Michele can ’empathise with all types’! ]


Michele before you entered into the world of nutrition, you were in a marketing role at Microsoft, tell us about why you made the transition, is it something you always wanted to do? 

Yes indeed, I have an Italian Mum and French Father so food was always a huge part of our home when I was growing up. I had a wonderful career with Microsoft but after having three babies, I wanted to find out more about how I could feed myself literally and figuratively…so I became a nutritionist and learnt how to feed my soul.

When did you start up A Healthy View and why? What was your driving motivation to set up this practice?

I started A Healthy View a few years ago, and prior to that I ran The Heart of Nourishment Cleanses around the world.

My motivation for starting a healthy view was multifactorial:

1. I could see everyone I knew- super smart professionals to growing teenagers- could benefit with personalised nutrition plans.

2. The whole food cooking classes came after many clients requested it.

3. Listening to the needs of many mothers, I formalised Cleanse & Nourish Retreats as short escapes with nutritional knowledge and a launch pad into clean eating.

What is your business philosophy?

Nourish yourself on all levels and there is no end to the joy you will receive physically, mentally and emotionally.

What is a typical work day for you?  How do you juggle a family, a business and keep †˜life balance’?

5.30am I put my sneakers on and head out the door for a run, spin, or yoga with my girlfriends.

6.30am I grab a quick coffee

6.45am I get home, pack the kid’s lunches, give the kids kisses and drop them off at school

8.00am Tidy the house

9am-5pm I start my work with patients, writing, speaking, or cooking. I cherish this time.

6pm Is always family dinner time

For others out there wanting to start their own business, what is your advice?

1. Seek out the people in your industry that are true professionals and try to work with them, seek a consult, or even try and get work experience.

2. Educate yourself as much as possible on your interest.

3. Be passionate, if you are passionate about your business, it is contagious.


What is your daily †˜beauty regime’ (if you have one)?

Hmmm, I cannot say I follow one with lotions and potions. I nourish myself from the inside out. I eat well, drink lots of herbal teas and water, and sleep well. When I don’t- it really shows. Although, I don’t beat myself up anymore if I have ‘derailed’ from the optimal healthy life , I simply get back on track.

What is your best kept beauty secret?

When my heart is happy my face is happy.

How do you nourish your body from the inside to keep yourself looking gorgeous on the outside? Can you see the difference that eating organic, nourishing, whole-foods has on your skin, eyes, hair and nails?

Food is the key to health and beauty. For me, it’s all about eating whole foods, this means eating foods in their natural state with little  or no processing, additives, modifying agents or preservatives. When you eat foods whole you are getting the nutrition intact with all the intrinsic vitamins and minerals like vitamin C for collagen production, vitamin D for immunity, vitamin E for its antioxidant properties, silica for your hair and nails, protein for cell growth and repair and fibre for digestion & removal of toxins.

I eat a diet that’s low in sugar and high in good healthy fats. Not many people know that sugar actually ages you. Eating sugar causes the production of AGEs (advanced glycation end products) which reduce elasticity in the skin and reduce collagen formation, which therefore causes premature ageing and wrinkles! By also eating a diet high in good fats such as those found in nuts, seeds, avocados, oily fish etc it prevents me from over eating. Fat is also necessary for hydrating and repairing skin cells.

For anyone who doesn’t believe in the difference eating whole, nutrient dense food can have on their skin, they should come to one of my Cleanse & Nourish Retreats. I have hundreds of emails and comments from my guests that they look 10 years younger!

What would be your advice for busy mums who want to look and feel beautiful but struggle to find the time to take care of their bodies from the inside out?

I would tell them that eating well is not a luxury, it is a necessity. As mothers we are the ‘linch pins’ that hold a family together, the mother creates the mood of the entire home. If a mum is nourishing herself with a low sugar, whole food diet- she will have energy, vitality and balanced moods.  I know- I am mum of three busy teenagers.  If you need to seek out support via cooking classes, nutritional consults or cleanse retreats- do it – it is not a luxury, you are the key to your peaceful home.

What is your favourite †˜skin loving’ recipe?

I love Luk Beautifood’s ‘go and glow’ smoothie recipe full of avocado and greens.  My skin and my insides dance when I drink this!

Cindy and Michele cooking up some skin-loving nibbles for one of our Beauty Food Workshops at the Balmoral Boathouse

Cindy and Michele cooking up some skin-loving nibbles for one of our Beauty Food Workshops at the Balmoral Boathouse


What are some of the biggest misconceptions about food you want to clear up for people?

That you should eat no sugar. That is silly. Sugar should just be kept to a minimum. If you’re a sugar addict and many people are, they may need to come off sugar until come back to good health and balance.

Fruit should be loved and enjoyed. Food should be loved and not feared.

What is the most common †˜food related’ problem people come to you with and what do you tell them?

We see lots of people who lack energy, continually have ‘brain fog’, mood swings and irritability because they are on blood sugar roller coasters.  Balance a person’s blood sugar and you can have an entirely new person.

What do you eat for breakfast to get the most out of your day?

My favourite breakfast is sautéed red onion or leek, two organic eggs, with a handful of left over roast veggies from the night before. I then scramble it all together and place onto a bed of rocket and a half of avocado.


My daughter and I also make these amazing ‘bliss balls’ that are low in sugar, high in protein and are just the perfect on-the-go sweet treat!  [ Why not try luk beautifood’s ‘Glow Ball’ recipe. ]

Our 'Glow Balls' packed full on goodness and so easy to make!

Our ‘Glow Balls’ packed full on goodness and so easy to make!

What are your top three †˜can’t’ live without’ ingredients when you cook and why?

1. Cocoa powder- powerful taste and good for you

2. Coconut oil-a medium chain triglyceride so you can burn it unlike other fats.

3. Vegetables- some at every meal. They are delicious, filling, nutrient dense.


What is happiness to you?

That is a big question but I truly believe that one cannot be happy until they find internal happiness and self love.  Not in a pompous way, but a †˜hey I am going to be kind to myself- kind of way.’

What is the best advice you have ever been given and how do you live it?

The best advice I have been given are not words they are actions. It has been the actions of others that I  truly respect and observe that I try to model.

Caring, Compassionate, Kind, Truthful, Grounded and Centered actions (and that doesn’t mean without laughter!)

What is your personal Monday morning mantra?

Yeah, it’s Monday- damn I am one lucky girl!

What gets you out of bed?

I get crazy if I sleep too much as I feel like I might miss something so I have no trouble getting out of bed.

What’s next for A Healthy View?

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We love Michele’s simple words of wisdom, everything she says just makes so much sense! If you agree and would like to learn more about Michele’s philosophy head to her website where you can find out about her wholefood cooking classes, cleanse and nourish programs, personal nutrition consultations, school programs, corporate wellness programs, events, recipes and MORE.

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buckwheat cookies

BUCKWHEAT & CRANBERRY COOKIES (+ optional choc drizzle!)

[RECIPE] Makes 25 (5cm) cookies | 30 mins wo-to-go (Prep 10 mins. Baking 20mins)

Quick easy healthier recipe for kids lunch boxes & healthy snacks on-the-go.  This is a variation of the Chewy Oat , Banana and Cranberry Cookie. By omitting the mashed banana and adding water you turn it in to a more traditional style cookie.


  • Nutrient dense – wholemeal flours, oats, un-refined sugar, cranberries Read more


[RECIPE] Makes 25 (5cm) cookies | 30 mins wo-to-go (Prep 10 mins. Baking 15-20mins)

Quick & easy healthy recipe can be whipped up for kids lunch boxes & healthy snacks to go with a cuppa.


  • Flours – A mix of organic spelt & gluten free wholemeal buckwheat –  gives it shortness  (a delicate bite)  & nutty flavour and tho spelt contains gluten it is eaten by many on wheat free diets. Read more

APRICOT BRAN LOAF | digestive health for glowing skin

[RECIPE] Makes 1 loaf | over night soak + 60 mins wo-to-go

I asked my mum to dig out this old-fashioned ‘healthy’ recipe I grew up with (yes that was over 30 years ago!) – it was one of my favourite lunch box snacks & I always ate it with lashing of unsalted butter (never had weight or cholesterol problems). I say old fashioned because it uses a ‘processed food’ – remember Kellogs All bran? wheat flour (ie none of the more ‘modern’, readily available ‘gluten free’ flours) and ‘raw’ sugar (not one of the plethora of ‘wholefood syrups’ that have sprung up) AND there are NO eggs or fat. It’s made with apricots and sultanas (both now available organic & or sulphur free). It’s firm but moist and so very mors-ish as reflected by today’s sampling!!

BEAUTY BOOST: Food that lingers in the digestive tract any longer than necessary can produce ‘toxic’ by-products, the buildup of these in an unhealthy colon has been linked to skin disorders. Read more


Healthy Pancakes for breakfast


Everyone loves pancakes but how many of us make them regularly when you know they are void of good nutrition and not a good way to start the day? I’ve ‘beautified’ the recipe by taking a basic recipe and substituting refined wheat flour with an organic spelt wholemeal flour (ie nutrient rich bran and germ have not been removed) and buckwheat flour and adding some nutrient dense goodies such as chia seeds and almonds. I love to serve them with fruit, yoghurt and muesli to create a healthy, balanced and sustained energy breaky loved by adults and kids.


So many skin loving goodies packed into one delicious meal. Wholegrains contain B vitamins that are required for every aspect of metabolism in your skin, without them your complexion will have a dull appearance as the skin cells can’t regenerate quickly. The seeds and nuts contain skin vital essential fatty acids (esp. harder-to-get omega 3) and key mineral antioxidants (zinc, magnesium, calcium & selenium) and skin-nourishing vitamin E.

Serves 4 |  10mins go-to-wo


1/2 cup buckwheat flour and 1/2  cup organic wholemeal spelt flour

1 tbsp chia seeds

2 tbsp almond meal

1 tspn baking powder

1 egg

3/4 cup milk

apple – quartered, cored and sliced finely


to serve

  • natural yoghurt
  • muesli
  • maple syrup
  • cinnamon

Add dry ingredients to bowl. Mix well.

Add egg and milk. Whisk til well combined.

Turn heat on medium high, into a fry pan add a knob of butter, add a ladle of pancake mix.

Quickly arrange slices of apple on surface of pancake.

Cook until surface of pancake firms up then turn over with spatula. Cook til apples are soft and golden brown.

Pop on a plate, sprinkle with cinnamon, dollop with yoghurt, sprinkle with muesli and a drizzle maple syrup.

  • You may need to increase the milk a bit because if the batter sits for a while it thickens as the fibre & chia seeds absorb the milk. So, it’s a little trial and error til you get the right feel on the thickness of the batter. It is very forgiving.
  • You can use all buckwheat if you want a gluten free recipe.
  • Instead of apple, cinnamon & maple syrup, make a berry compote by cooking 1/2 cup frozen blueberries and 1/2 cup raspberries with 1/4 cup water & a couple table spoons of sugar or a few drops of stevia. Cook ingredients til liquid reduces and thickens – takes about 10 minutes.
  • You can add other ingredients to the batter change the flavour or boost the fibre or nutrient content. Eg 1 tspn vanilla or 1 tbspn walnut oil or 1 tblspn wheatgerm or wheat bran.
  • You can substitute some of the milk with sour cream or buttermilk to make lighter and fluffier.
  • Unless you are a purest, you can be a little naughty like me and add sugar to the cinnamon as it is easier to sprinkle and tastes yummy! At most you’re only adding 1/4 teaspoon to your plate so it’s a guilt free choice for me.

Make pikelet size pancakes with out apple and freeze for lunch box snacks.




Lunch Box Tricks | feed the little ones beaut-i-ful food

Why am I writing about this on a beauty blog? – because as mothers we are responsible for creating beautiful healthy little people and beautifood habits start when we are young.

My eldest started kindergarten today as did quite a few of my friends kids whether it was ‘old fashioned’ pre-school’  where you pack their lunch or primary schoolers and big ones, there was a common theme running thru our personal facebook pages….HELP!

1. I’m after healthy, quick-to-make, packed-lunch ideas for adults and little ones alike. Got anything? {Melinda}

2. I was running around looking for inspiration for snacks. I do wraps for the lunches but it’s the what do I put in to go with the fresh fruit and I don’t want muesli bars and other such crap! {Leanne}

3. James’ first day of school – he is dressed, not fazed and ready an hour ahead of schedule….. I on the other hand am having lunch box issues, I think I chose the wrong type of lunch box, too many clips, it’s so hot today what should I put in it and perhaps i should have bought the blue and not the orange!!!!!!  {Sonya}

There are lots of people out there giving loads of great suggestions – but here is my take so you can keep the prep time short and sweet and a smile on their (& your) dial!

Read more