Monday Motivation: True beauty comes from within

I don’t believe true beauty is a look, I believe it’s a feeling.

I’ve always thought that when you are truly beautiful on the inside (via positive thoughts, love for yourself and others), this will make you glow on the outside, as though there are sunbeams bursting from your face regardless of your age.

We spend far too long staring at the person in the mirror, scrutinising, worrying, and wishing away a pimple, a wrinkle, a stray hair and yet we don’t spend long enough realising how wondrous we truly are as humans. How gorgeous and radiant we are on the inside.

Real beauty comes from within your heart. It blossoms like a rose and transforms into an exquisite energy that’s positively infectious. It can be both alluring and life-changing. It comes from lovely thoughts, it evolves when you are happy for yourself and others, it is born from a place of self-acceptance, selflessness and compassion. It appears when you are your authentic self.

So, on those days when you’re doubting the way you look, the way you appear to the world, on those days when you are striving to reach an unrealistic standard of beauty that doesn’t actually exist, just remember that you are so worthy and so unique. Give yourself a bit of self-love. Do a good deed for another person, step away from the mirror and do something that makes you happy and boosts your confidence.

You are perfect just the way you are, after all.

I’m interested to hear what you think about this topic natural beauties. Leave a comment x

monday motivation – perfection?

 monday motivation to ease you into your week!

Do you get a churning, worried feeling in your tummy when everything is not perfect or do you go-with-the-flow? Or, have you always wanted everything to be perfect but realised as you got older (especially after kids) it really does not matter? I love some things to be ‘perfect’, others I let go. I have learnt over time that there is no need to worry about ‘being perfect’ as life in fact is still wonderful…tho a little more messy and unorganised but c’est la vie!  

Here are 5 reasons why I think being perfect is underrated:

1. Takes your focus away from the things that really matter. Doing things perfectly means you could be missing out on what counts.

2. Striving for perfection takes time. Which means you’ll only do 10% of the things you want to do.  Pareto’s 80/20 principal rules! It means that in anything a few (20 percent) are vital and many (80 percent) are trivial. #striveforprogressnotperfection

3. Collaboration or working in a team + perfection really don’t mix.  Have you ever tried to work with other people on something and demanded things to be “perfect”?  If you did, chances are  you’re not going to fair well with others and the project won’t get off the ground.

4. Failing fast can be worthwhile. If you’re striving to be perfect, you could fail when it’s too late to change anything, not to mention running out of time or money to turn it around or try again.  

5. Perfectionists tend to have higher blood pressure, are anxious, and can suffer mental health problems.  Relaxation, meditation, and time-out are rare for people who always push to make everything perfect. 

Who wants to live a life with higher stress levels?

Don’t have a perfect week. Have a wonderful week!

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I stumbled across this quote and could not resist adding it a little later in the day….

monday motivation - being perfect



monday motivation – the art of simplicity

Monday Motivation today is about Mastering the Art of Simplicity. 

Do you feel that you can’t get on top things no matter how big or small the task or matter at hand is – whether it is your private life or work life?

I have learned that letting go is a continuous, active process. It takes a degree of discipline to get rid of STUFF! The default assumption is that we want to be continually interrupted and / or  we continually desire to acquire new things.

I think of stuff as clutter that blocks my view on life.

The art of simplicity helps you to have a clear mind to focus with little effort on what is truly important.

Do you love more or less? Fog or clarity? I know what I prefer. (and it mimics my minimal makeup routine too!)

Have a simply inspiring week!

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Monday Motivation Quotes – when life gives you lemons….

Sydney dished up stunning weather on the weekend, so much so it inspired me to pick the plump ripe and not-so-perfect but delicious lemons on our tree.

It is the first time in 15 years that we have a crop of fruit, so that called for a special treat: cooking them every which way I could. Our pantry is now packed with lemon curd, marmalade, cordial (it’s for my 5 year old’s upcoming party), glazed zest (great for topping cakes or natural yoghurt) and preserved (salted) lemons for winter tagines and ‘spicing up’ quinoa.

Winter is the time for lemons and many other citrus fruit, their high vitamin C content is known to boost your immune system and in the Beauty Kitchen we love it for fighting wrinkles! Vitamin C is:

  1. Co-factor for making collagen and elastin – those 2 proteins essential for providing the structure of your skin so it can stay plump, smooth and toned.
  2. Powerful antioxidant – prevents the formation of free radicals that damage the skin and cause inflammation.
  3. And, it is excellent for breaking the cycle of acne / psoriasis conditions.

That’s my excuse for always having a jar of home made lemon curd on hand. By the way it has a quarter of the sugar content of jam making it a better choice as a toast topping if you crave sour dough for your weekend brunch.

So …

“When life gives you lemons, make lemon curd’

Have a fabulous week. x


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lemon marmalade

A massive batch of lemon marmalade in recycled jars. Who wants some? x


inspirational quote - change in you

monday motivation quote | change you not the world

Good morning, today’s monday motivation quote is about change – not in the world but in you.

I can’t change the world but I can change the world in me

– Bono

Isn’t this a lovely quote? It is so true and it puts what ever you are doing or struggling with in perspective. Everyone is in their own driving seat  – how you look, how you feel, what you do.

We are the only ones that can achieve what we desire. When that seems too daunting think about this quote, and how hard it would be to change or impact the world. And so many wonderful and everyday people do.

When I apply this inspirational quote to our 3 day Beauty Detox that rolls out from today it really becomes apparent that it can be easy for you to try and then adopt many of the healthier and more natural ways in your every day life. Detox your whole body …inside and out by changing your habits: what you eat, the products you use on your skin and how you nurture your body & soul.

I hope you can make a change, no matter how small, in you.

Have a delicious detox week.

Cindy x


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be delicious.... inside and out

Inspirational quote | shopping

If at first you don’t succeed, buy, buy again! 

How could I resist this quote 2 weeks out from Christmas when I have a online shop!!


Have a beautiful week,


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